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September 25, 2008

Blissful Silence

I never thought I'd be saying it, but silence is blissful! Why? Bottle Baby!

He really yelled a LOT yesterday! So much so that I gave him an extra bottle (about 1 ounce or 2 tablespoons of kitten milk) just to keep his tummy full. And cheated, found a sleepy slightly older kitten (6 weeks old) who didn't mind another sleepy kitten (Mr Screamy Meamy) cuddling nearby in the sunny grassy lawn.

Bliss. For about an hour or two. Sigh.

However, in spite of his fussy mews and "crying" he is growing. I've seen definite size increase, but I am NOT measuring him in any way, shape or form. He grows, he grows.

At least I'm happy to report that his milk teeth are finally pushing through his lower gumline. Yep, when he chews, it hurts now! Those lower baby canine teeth are sharpest, with the other wee teeth between edging through. Now if only he'd grow the uppers out too. Then he can really chew on baby chow, and wean off the bottle.

Last night, I created a nest for him, as it was getting cooler. A cardboard box on its side, with some clean old rags inside to make it softer and warm. At first, I thought he wasn't going to sleep in it, he kept coming out and "whining" and mewing. Especially after his evening bottle session, he was really whiny. (Probably because he urped a little milk that I wiped up with one of his bed rags)

But this morning, I peeked into his "house" and saw him curled up in there, with a snuggle buddy, one of the 6 week-olders. Yeah! Something worked! Right now, he's snug in his "house" snoozing off his morning bottle. If it rains, I'll probably have to move his box to keep him and the box dry, but for now, he's happy and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping!

Yes, silence is bliss!

September 23, 2008

Bottle Baby

I haz a bottle baby.

More like a supplemental bottle for him. Teeny kitten, male orange tabby, roughly 3 weeks old. His momma is a bit absent minded, which is unusual for her, she is usually such a good momma cat.

So, he screams and does his whimpering thing at the back steps to the porch. I try to ignore him unless it's regular cat feeding time (breakfast and supper), and then I give him his bottle. I actually bought a new kitten bottle yesterday to make sure he was getting all his milk.

He can drink from a dish, but then the other bigger kittens and cats come and suck up his milk. And then he walks around, unhappy, crying, looking for attention and more milk. We cheated yesterday, and conned the momma of another set of 4 kittens that are about twice his age to nurse him some, just enough to top off his tummy and let him go to sleep.

Last night, I gave him the bottle, and noticed he drank about 1 ounce before he pushed it away and started looking around. This morning, only fixed 1 ounce, and watched him chew/suck on the nipple until all but a little dribble was gone.

Not sure, but a few minutes later, he was hiding/wobbling under the steps, and his momma wasn't in her typical sunning-on-the-railing position. I hope she fed him an extra bit, and that's why I don't hear him yet. He needs to get the rest of his baby milk teeth out, then he'll stop chewing and do more regular nursing.

By the way, no, I am NOT knitting a kitten sweater for him. He's an outside kitty, and will wear the clothes God grew on him. So perish the thought! I am not turning into Nell of Dudley Doright, and knitting suits for all the critters.

September 16, 2008

How to Build a Hat

I'm trying to figure out the best way to write out my hat design. It's finished, the hat has been sent in the mail to the friend it was knit for, and it is in her colors.

I did the hat from the top/center out to the edge, instead of the usual hat directions I have been seeing. All the other hats start at the edge, you knit up so far for the brim, and then you shape it for the top or crown part.


I either run out of yarn, or have to tink (opposite of knit, or rip out) out until I have enough yarn to make the crown. I like my way better. I make it big enough to go around, and then knit until I run out of yarn, or almost, and then I bind off.


And yes, this hat had kitten approval!

hat with brim

Of course, my pictures would look so much better if I'd learn how to keep my arm shadows and camera straps out!

But the best part is, the brim can be rolled up as much as the wearer wants, and the kind of ribbing (mistake stitch rib) makes the yarn look beaded close up...for which, I do not have a good picture!

Now I just have to figure out how to post my "finished" pattern, and how to pdf convert a file correctly, ah such fun.

September 15, 2008

Ads, planning, plotting

I don't like how the local newspaper re-worked their classified ads in their on-line version. Too kitchy-cute for me, and probably very awkward for someone scanning the ads who isn't technically savvy. Bleh.

Guess that means I'll be handling the newsprint for now, until I find a new place of employment. Definitely need an incoming source of income soon, to pay for internet time, pay off older bills, buy new tires for the car, etcetera. Life costs.

Sock book is still in the works, with ideas popping in and out of my head, getting scribbled down on paper, crossed out, re-written, toyed with, re-worked, and thought over. However, nothing's ready to put into pre-print setup yet. Good thing I worked out my rough outline of how I'd like the book to be laide out first. Now for me to work out the fine details, finish the designs, find a few older designs, or move them into a later book.

I still have to sit myself down and work on the sample socks, the ones that will be featured in the book. At one count, I had 6 designs, and at another count, I had over 20, and not sure how many exactly will end up in print. I'll probably have to look at how the sample knits up first, and what kind of deadline I'm giving myself to finish the book.

By the way, I'm trying the avenue of self-publishing. As in, write the book, do my own editing, get someone else (friend, family) to read it over and make suggestions, fine-edit and clean it up, do electronic cut-and-paste into a template...and print from an internet book publisher. Fun to think about!

I just hope I don't derail myself with gifts and other projects, which could be soooo easy!

As in...write up my hat directions, or, say, design gauntlets for someone for Christmas gift, or, plan out Christmas knitting, start it, knit it, forget about the book...

Not gonna happen!

Well, I hope not. Book first. Presents can come out of the book if need be, or even be a silly person and send copies of the book to knitters as gifts.

But starting something new is always so seductive!

September 04, 2008

New chapter!

I am temporarily between jobs.

Gee, what a cliche'! But oh, so true!

I have ended one career, about to embark on a change in employment. Not sure which new direction, just happy to have one chapter ended and be starting on another one in my life.

So, for now, focus is on finishing my rough drafting of knitting instructions for my sock book, and then I'll knit up my samples, take pictures, and piece it all together. Just glad I don't have to sew flat pieces up together!

Yes, I'm a "round earther" and not a "flat earther" as I like to put it. As few little pieces to sew together as possible. Yes, I hate seaming knit pieces. Not sure when it started, my hate-hate flat knitting feelings, but I despise and pity the magazines that insist that all sweaters have to be in flat pieces and sewn up. Seams can be bumpy, and thick, and get in the way of wearing the sweater. I much prefer something done in the round, or in just about as much in one piece as possible.

I don't mind doing duplicate stitch, or the occaisional weaving of stitches together at an end. But why do something flat, that goes on a round body? I mean, c'mon! Our bodys are not flat angular boxes, we all have shape and some sort of curvature to our bodies. Makes sense to do our knitting that way too, doesn't it?

Hmm, no wonder I love to knit socks or gansey sweaters. All in some kind of continuous or almost continuous knitting, with almost no seams. In socks, especially, who wants a seam on their toes, or to have it rubbing their foot in some spot?? I have a niece, age 12 (going on 20) who hates seams on her toes. She's been known to take her socks (store bought) and pull the toe part way down and under her foot. Just so she doesn't feel the seaming. Glad I can knit some for her, that not only are comfy and soft, but have no knots, no seams. Good thing she's not a flat-earther. Good girl!!

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