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Ads, planning, plotting

I don't like how the local newspaper re-worked their classified ads in their on-line version. Too kitchy-cute for me, and probably very awkward for someone scanning the ads who isn't technically savvy. Bleh.

Guess that means I'll be handling the newsprint for now, until I find a new place of employment. Definitely need an incoming source of income soon, to pay for internet time, pay off older bills, buy new tires for the car, etcetera. Life costs.

Sock book is still in the works, with ideas popping in and out of my head, getting scribbled down on paper, crossed out, re-written, toyed with, re-worked, and thought over. However, nothing's ready to put into pre-print setup yet. Good thing I worked out my rough outline of how I'd like the book to be laide out first. Now for me to work out the fine details, finish the designs, find a few older designs, or move them into a later book.

I still have to sit myself down and work on the sample socks, the ones that will be featured in the book. At one count, I had 6 designs, and at another count, I had over 20, and not sure how many exactly will end up in print. I'll probably have to look at how the sample knits up first, and what kind of deadline I'm giving myself to finish the book.

By the way, I'm trying the avenue of self-publishing. As in, write the book, do my own editing, get someone else (friend, family) to read it over and make suggestions, fine-edit and clean it up, do electronic cut-and-paste into a template...and print from an internet book publisher. Fun to think about!

I just hope I don't derail myself with gifts and other projects, which could be soooo easy!

As in...write up my hat directions, or, say, design gauntlets for someone for Christmas gift, or, plan out Christmas knitting, start it, knit it, forget about the book...

Not gonna happen!

Well, I hope not. Book first. Presents can come out of the book if need be, or even be a silly person and send copies of the book to knitters as gifts.

But starting something new is always so seductive!

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