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New chapter!

I am temporarily between jobs.

Gee, what a cliche'! But oh, so true!

I have ended one career, about to embark on a change in employment. Not sure which new direction, just happy to have one chapter ended and be starting on another one in my life.

So, for now, focus is on finishing my rough drafting of knitting instructions for my sock book, and then I'll knit up my samples, take pictures, and piece it all together. Just glad I don't have to sew flat pieces up together!

Yes, I'm a "round earther" and not a "flat earther" as I like to put it. As few little pieces to sew together as possible. Yes, I hate seaming knit pieces. Not sure when it started, my hate-hate flat knitting feelings, but I despise and pity the magazines that insist that all sweaters have to be in flat pieces and sewn up. Seams can be bumpy, and thick, and get in the way of wearing the sweater. I much prefer something done in the round, or in just about as much in one piece as possible.

I don't mind doing duplicate stitch, or the occaisional weaving of stitches together at an end. But why do something flat, that goes on a round body? I mean, c'mon! Our bodys are not flat angular boxes, we all have shape and some sort of curvature to our bodies. Makes sense to do our knitting that way too, doesn't it?

Hmm, no wonder I love to knit socks or gansey sweaters. All in some kind of continuous or almost continuous knitting, with almost no seams. In socks, especially, who wants a seam on their toes, or to have it rubbing their foot in some spot?? I have a niece, age 12 (going on 20) who hates seams on her toes. She's been known to take her socks (store bought) and pull the toe part way down and under her foot. Just so she doesn't feel the seaming. Glad I can knit some for her, that not only are comfy and soft, but have no knots, no seams. Good thing she's not a flat-earther. Good girl!!

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