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Blissful Silence

I never thought I'd be saying it, but silence is blissful! Why? Bottle Baby!

He really yelled a LOT yesterday! So much so that I gave him an extra bottle (about 1 ounce or 2 tablespoons of kitten milk) just to keep his tummy full. And cheated, found a sleepy slightly older kitten (6 weeks old) who didn't mind another sleepy kitten (Mr Screamy Meamy) cuddling nearby in the sunny grassy lawn.

Bliss. For about an hour or two. Sigh.

However, in spite of his fussy mews and "crying" he is growing. I've seen definite size increase, but I am NOT measuring him in any way, shape or form. He grows, he grows.

At least I'm happy to report that his milk teeth are finally pushing through his lower gumline. Yep, when he chews, it hurts now! Those lower baby canine teeth are sharpest, with the other wee teeth between edging through. Now if only he'd grow the uppers out too. Then he can really chew on baby chow, and wean off the bottle.

Last night, I created a nest for him, as it was getting cooler. A cardboard box on its side, with some clean old rags inside to make it softer and warm. At first, I thought he wasn't going to sleep in it, he kept coming out and "whining" and mewing. Especially after his evening bottle session, he was really whiny. (Probably because he urped a little milk that I wiped up with one of his bed rags)

But this morning, I peeked into his "house" and saw him curled up in there, with a snuggle buddy, one of the 6 week-olders. Yeah! Something worked! Right now, he's snug in his "house" snoozing off his morning bottle. If it rains, I'll probably have to move his box to keep him and the box dry, but for now, he's happy and sleeping, sleeping, sleeping!

Yes, silence is bliss!

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