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Bottle Baby

I haz a bottle baby.

More like a supplemental bottle for him. Teeny kitten, male orange tabby, roughly 3 weeks old. His momma is a bit absent minded, which is unusual for her, she is usually such a good momma cat.

So, he screams and does his whimpering thing at the back steps to the porch. I try to ignore him unless it's regular cat feeding time (breakfast and supper), and then I give him his bottle. I actually bought a new kitten bottle yesterday to make sure he was getting all his milk.

He can drink from a dish, but then the other bigger kittens and cats come and suck up his milk. And then he walks around, unhappy, crying, looking for attention and more milk. We cheated yesterday, and conned the momma of another set of 4 kittens that are about twice his age to nurse him some, just enough to top off his tummy and let him go to sleep.

Last night, I gave him the bottle, and noticed he drank about 1 ounce before he pushed it away and started looking around. This morning, only fixed 1 ounce, and watched him chew/suck on the nipple until all but a little dribble was gone.

Not sure, but a few minutes later, he was hiding/wobbling under the steps, and his momma wasn't in her typical sunning-on-the-railing position. I hope she fed him an extra bit, and that's why I don't hear him yet. He needs to get the rest of his baby milk teeth out, then he'll stop chewing and do more regular nursing.

By the way, no, I am NOT knitting a kitten sweater for him. He's an outside kitty, and will wear the clothes God grew on him. So perish the thought! I am not turning into Nell of Dudley Doright, and knitting suits for all the critters.

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