March 10, 2014

Hands of Blue?

I forgot to do something. Pre-wash my yarn...os!

It's Indigo colorway of Wisp yarn, by Dream in Color, and it's lovely intense blue.

I forgot the cardinal rule of using an intensely colored yarn: wash it first!

So, as I attempt to knit 96 lace points on the shawl edging, my thumbs, index and middle fingers are distinctly blue on the fingertips. I put lots of hand lotion on before knitting and then wash like a fiend after knitting, but I still see a blue shadow there...not Smurf blue, that's for sure!

I decided against a custom-design of a shawl for my niece. I was at first, then I took another look at the wedding dress she's picked out, and reviewed the shawl books in my collection. Why re-invent the wheel? I asked myself. Just pick one out that already exists, use the Indigo yarn, and you'll live longer and with less stress. I just couldn't make what was in my head come out on paper or crunch out number-wise. Time to regroup, review, and find something else.

Final choice: The Gibby shawl. The version I have was published in a book by Gladys Amedro in 1996, and is still available from Jamieson & Smith as a lovely kit, with the pattern and the cobweb yarn bundled together. One day, I keep promising myself, I will buy some of that lovely yarn and knit one for myself. Why not?