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August 28, 2008

Rain, rain, please play some more

Well, the ankle's a wee bit better. It always shapes up and stops aching as much after the weather changes. In this case, it rained some this morning, yippee!!

We need rain. Really really do. The ground's hard, dry, dusty, and plants are starting to brown/yellow up and look sad.

At least my brain's still pretty happy with new ideas, growing more socks than I can write down at once. But, I'm playing it smart, and sticking with socks that I've already designed, and made for this book. I can always write another one!

Now, where did I hide my notes?

August 19, 2008

Bum ankle day

I have a bum ankle. It gets wonky and cranky on occaision. Sometimes I've just plain used it too much, the weather goes crazy and it's predicting a system, or I stood or sat or slept on it wrong.

This week is a particular example of the weather patterns. Tropical storm coming up via Florida, and it's a crankly left ankle. Brace is on, Teva sandals all I can wear for the day. No fancy shoes, they won't fit around the brace.

Sneakers and hiking boots were out for the day for 2 reasons: 1. sneakers don't look good with what I'm wearing to work and 2. boots are too warm for work right now.

 So I walk with a slight hitch in my left side stride, and I've been doing such a good job of normalizing my walk that nobody's really noticed that the ankle's bothering me. Until the spy the brace, and think that I've injured myself somehow.

Sorry, nope, old injury. It's the result of falling down the stairwells at high school, twice in the same school year, about 4 months apart, when I was in 10th grade. I was, what? about 15 or 16? Anyhow, I have a very weather-wise ache when it's cranky.

About 99% of the time, I don't need any extra support or bracing on that ankle. It's just another joint that functions fine. But when that 1% kicks in, all I can do is brace it, prop it up, and pop another OTC tylenol or ibuprofen to take the edge off. Or think about knitting.

The knitting book progresses. I now have a shopping bag of sampling yarn, all wound up into balls, anxiously awaiting their turns at being knit into sample socks. I still have the rough draft, have started on my introduction section, and started roughing out how I want to write each section. Interesting process, and I can wait to see the finished book! Now if only work-work would motivate me as much!

August 15, 2008

toys toys toys

Okay, I broke down and bought the Kindle. And a few e-books to read on it. And...

I luvs it!

Easy for me to use, takes up space of one book, holds several...and less paper using up trees. Now I get to figure out how to translate some of my knitting instructions to a format that I can upload to it. New experience!

I'm participating in the Tsock Flock 2008 projects this year. So far, 2 tsock kits in process (yes, I need to post pictures! Hey camera! Where you hiding?) and just received the Tsurprise Tsock kit yesterday. I'm running out of tsock tsize needles...oops! Need to back off of the ts-es for a bit! And I can't seem to figure out if I want to join 2009 or not. Hmmmm!

So, I have to figure out which sock-in-progress I can finish fastest to free up another set of size 1 needles. I use 2 circular needles, usually the Addi turbos in size 1 (really, they're more like size 1 1/2) and I have a set of Harmony size 1 (2.50 mm) that are currently entangled with possum sock yarn. I can say that the yarn is luscious to knit! Just wish there was more of it in the world!

I did finish a hat for a very good friend the other day, now all I have to do is finish it off properly and work the yarn ends in, give it a gentle wash, package it up and mail it to Colorado. I'm thinking of writing up the directions and posting them on the G-Woolykins website as a free pdf download, not sure when that will be yet. The hat looks great, works up fast (well, for me at least) and uses the same amount of yarn as a pair of socks, and yes, uses sock yarn. The hat I made used one skein of Fleece Artist Sea Wool in Crystal Dawn (purchased from Simply Socks), and my mother told me that it looks beaded. Of course, it has kitten approval!


I'm currently also roughing out a book outline for a sock books, to be titled G-Woolykins: It's Socks and I am having fun! So far I think I have about a dozen possibilites as sock designs to put in there, when I originally thought I'd only put about 6 in there. Then I started remember the various socks I've designed over the years, and started counting them up as I wrote my list out...hmm, about a dozen!

Next step: find where I put all my older design notes and charts, so that I can re-write them more clearly, add in different sizing options, and make nice pattern instructions for the book. And use my wonderful software to create charts and stitch directions that are actually legible...as compared to my usual scribbled notes in my knitting journal! Not that it's not a nice journal, with a Laurel Burch horses cover.

Indigo Sky Laurel Burch journal


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