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How to Build a Hat

I'm trying to figure out the best way to write out my hat design. It's finished, the hat has been sent in the mail to the friend it was knit for, and it is in her colors.

I did the hat from the top/center out to the edge, instead of the usual hat directions I have been seeing. All the other hats start at the edge, you knit up so far for the brim, and then you shape it for the top or crown part.


I either run out of yarn, or have to tink (opposite of knit, or rip out) out until I have enough yarn to make the crown. I like my way better. I make it big enough to go around, and then knit until I run out of yarn, or almost, and then I bind off.


And yes, this hat had kitten approval!

hat with brim

Of course, my pictures would look so much better if I'd learn how to keep my arm shadows and camera straps out!

But the best part is, the brim can be rolled up as much as the wearer wants, and the kind of ribbing (mistake stitch rib) makes the yarn look beaded close up...for which, I do not have a good picture!

Now I just have to figure out how to post my "finished" pattern, and how to pdf convert a file correctly, ah such fun.

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a kinntitg friend told me to get the the kinntitg help app for iphone/ipod touch if you have one. i havent tried et but would like to learn too!

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