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Blue and New

Squee!!! My niece is engaged and going to be married! Squee!!

Okay, only so many times I can say that before the squee police come after me with a muzzle and cute, comfy, wrap-a-round jacket in my size.

Now, all I have to do is create an heirloom, one-of-a-kind shawl in blue, with lace, for her before the actual wedding. That's not until 2014 or 2015, but still, I have to get cracking!

Lace. Okay, there's lots of patterns available, I have books to play with. Or I can take graph paper and a lot of patience and work up a just-for-her design.


Oh, my. Blue.

Which hue? Which kind of blue? Several blues in one, shading light to dark, or one solid or semi-solid? So. Much. Blue. To. Choose. From.

I might wait until Maryland Sheep & Wool in May 2014. Plenty of time to spin up fiber if I find THE BLUE or a bunch of BLUE that will do. I have to watch it, I'll go Dr Seuss on this theme... I might even find the perfect yarn for a shawl.

Well, as soon as I find the right yarn, or the right fiber and spin it up, I'll just have to play with ideas.

Square shawl? Rectangular like a pallentine or stole? Triangle? Large triangle? Huge square like an orenburg style? Or like an estonian style? Or slightly shaped like a faroe style? So many choices... Maybe I'll wing it.

Hmm. Wings... wing shapes? Long like wings? Incorporate sleeves or a "cuff" at edges so it can be like a shrug/shawl combo?


I think I'll just pick up the graph paper and sketch which motifs I want to experiment with first. Or possible edges...

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