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I just looked at my list of works-in-progress, and yipes! Jeepers! I have to get cracking!

Of course, the Westknits 2013 MKAL of the Color Craving Shawl takes a wee bit of precidence... until I reach a point or something else in my project pile stands up and yells for attention.

I finished the Rockefeller shawl, just need to work in the final loose ends, do a bit of light blocking, and take pictures. I need to take a LOT of pictures of LOTS of things and import them to this blog! I need to take sock pictures, shawl pictures, re photograph a sweater... again, I say Jeepers!

I have half of a half of a quilting project sewn. I attended 2 class sessions on how to make a Bargello Table Runner at Patches in Mt Airy, and still have to find quiet sewing time to finish the top, layer, quilt, and bind. I used shades of brown, using my memories of the colors I saw in sandstone and rock layers in Colorado and Utah. So far, anyone who has seen the various shades has liked it. Place it next to my mother's in blues, and it looks like mountains and sky.

I'm still working on the shawl design for my niece's wedding shawl. I still have blue in my mind, but now I can visualize certain shades of blue, at least 3 dominant shades, in my mental picture of how it will look when it's finished. I'm still not certain if I'll be buying yarn, dyeing yarn, or spinning yarn. That part is still uncertain.

I also have to get cracking on Christmas gifts if I'm knitting any this year. I'm not sure on that yet. Maybe I'll just make a list, see how long it might take to knit them, and wait until next spring to start them for the following year!

Every so often, I have the weird idea of a series of What If's. What if...I started a yarn co-op? Where various spinners pooled their yarn together for sale, and I was one of the sellers/merchants? What if...that co-op also included finished knitted items? What if...I knit a whole bunch of mittens, half-mittens, hats, scarves, socks, and sold them at craft fairs? What if...I wrote up a pattern from my little black work sweater, scaled it to various sizes, and offered it for sale?

Stuff like that, along with anthing else that pops up when I'm half asleep or half awake. Maybe I'll just stick to designing socks, writing those directions up, booking up a collection of them into a sock notebook, and if I do the mitten/half-mitten/scarf-for-sale idea, work on those inbetween and for almost a year. Just to see how many I can do in a month/year/however long it takes, and if/when they are sold, if there is enough to get G-Woolykins off the ground?

Of course, for the co-op to happen, we'd need a physical presence, either as a group of people committed to the actual selling and marketing, or even a location for purchasing that isn't just a once-in-a-while pre-agreed to meeting at another business. I'd hate to be a selling presence on the internet and only being available for physical local pickup once a week in the parking lot of Starbucks. I'd rather have a part-time store location, or have a co-op owned store location, and advertise the dickens out of it... I'm getting ahead of myself, aren't I?

Just thinking. But, Jeepers! I still have a pile of knitting to do, and I have barely listed the iceberg's tip here. Where's my knitting needles?

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