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Summer? What Summer?

I feel like I stood still and had Summer run right by me. Ever have one of those days?

School will be starting back up soon (it already has for a few counties), and I for one bet some are dreading it and others will be rejoicing. Call me harsh, I will be rejoicing.

Why? Too many aimless, bored children that need a focus. I blame their parents or whomever is responsible for them. There. Mini rant done.

Onwards to knitting. Hmmm, what have I finished recently? Well, I did finish a Vine Lace Vest, but no pictures. I like the one in the directions, because that's what sold me on the pattern.

I'm partially through a top for myself, in basic white. I'll be able to wear it to work, whenever I get the sleeves on and work my ends in. Nice, washable baby yarn in acrylic. So, sue me, I like easy care things for work. Makes it easier to wash the dirt out, and if it snags, I won't agonize over ruined wool or silk fibers.

I also have a few quilting projects lined up now. One is a quilting kit I bought from a vendor at the Four County Quilting Guild's quilt show last month. I have to wash, starch and iron the fabric before I can start cutting and sewing it. I love it, it's in blue shades. The other quilting project is a quilting class I signed up for at Patches Quilting in Mt Airy, for a Bargello table runner. I have to pick out my colors first, and hope I can do them justice! I hope I haven't bitten off more than I can chew, so to speak!

Last week, spinning night! I hadn't been there for, well, 2 sessions. My reasons are bad headache (all gone, thank heavens!) and extremely tired (FCQG show wore me out!). I was able to put on my teaching hat, and help someone, I hope. She's a beginning spindler, with a lovely drop-spindle. Showed her some of the basics, and hopefully next time she'll be ready to take it further and maybe get to actually drop? Yes, support spinning for the first time can be tiring and annoying, but it shows you the basics and helps you get a feel for twist and drafting.

I just wish my go-to book for learning how to spin wasn't so hard to find or out of print, Hands on Spinning by Lee Raven. I know it's available used at various online venues, but I just wish someone would either reprint or reissue it. Such a worthy book to have on hand, great basics, good illustrations and pictures, and I love her explanations. Sigh. Well, there's other resources too, like at Interweave for their ebooks and the online community. Yes, there's Ravelry too!

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