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To sock

I'm knitting socks. Sometimes, it seems like there isn't a time when I'm not knitting on a sock, finishing a pair, trying to finish a pair, dreaming up what I could design in a sock... Let's face it.

I knit socks.

And other items too, like shawls, scarves, sweaters, mittens...but mostly, lately, it's been socks.

In particular, I'm working on a pair for my mother's breast cancer surgeon. She started a tradition of knitting a pair of socks for him almost every time she sees him for a followup visit. I'm not going to count the pairs of socks, just point out that his feet are well covered and warm in either the operating room or in the exam room.

This time, I'm knitting a pair, and I'm working on a design of twisting ribbon stitches on a purled background. The yarn is from a yarn stash, not sure when we bought the yarn or where. It's a soft raspberry pink, but I think any shade of pink would work well, so long as the yarn has a great stitch definition when knit up.

I'm thinking of finding a baby yarn and trying the same design again, as well as playing with undyed sock yarn and seeing if I can either dye them or if the pattern shows up in white-on-white knitting.

So far, I love how the toe and heel stitches are working out, with half being regular stockinette and half reversed...knit one side, purled the other! I'm also playing with other variations in my mind, but I'm sticking with the formula I have so far with this pair, and I'll have to see how well I can write this up for a toe-up sock construction. This design would work quite well for a traditional cuff-to-toe sock construction as well, and I'll have to see how to make notes for this as well...hmm, which heel? which toe?

Let's see how quickly I can finish sock #1 before I play with the reverse engineering...Now where is my camera?

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