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Spin, Spun

It's official: I'm spinning again.

I can also be put into the category of those not afraid to spin in public. Well, sort of. Spinning with a like-minded group of fiber fanatics constitutes as "public" right?

I'm still battling the occaisional rough edges, and one thumb split, but my fingers are in fairly decent spinning condition. A-n-d I've spun quite a bit of wool into yarn or a single that's ready for plying into yarn. I have a backup hank of braided wool in my spinning bag with the spindles, ready for it's turn on the top whorl.

I've also been drooling over my stash of ready to spin fiber, trying to figure out which one to pull out next, or should I use one colorway first, or another coloraway later... Choices, choices!

Most of my fiber has been purchased from my visits to the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival. I have a few bags of lovely dyed wool from Brush Creek Wool Works. I think they have an etsy shop, but I'm not sure about the weblink to it. I wait for the first weekend in May, then I drool over the colors and pick one out for myself. Inevitably, someone will see the bag, and comment on how it looks like a bag of cotton candy. So I joke to family and friends about putting my bag of "candy" into the car before I continue the fiber senses overload.

I have too many favorites to just look at to list here. I'll be making my wishlist again this year, just like in previous years, but visiting the vendor listing on the MDSW website, and doing my funny little computer magic of list and sorting so I know which building has which vendor. Makes it a little easier to find someone in a specific building or barn if I have my list. Mom has a list too, and most times we put our lists together. Sometimes we go "phooey" and give up on the lists when the crowds get a little too crowdy, we get too tired, or have reached our fiber limit.

Sometimes it is just fun to look at what's new, what's changed, and what has remained the same in fiber, tools, wheels, spindles, knitting books, weaving looms... and then fiber limit hits. It's basically the same as sensory overload. I know I really hit that the first year we went to MDSW. Just too much to take in the first time...but we went back...and back...and only one year have I missed MDSW because of a work schedule.

I have a short wish list of fiber to purchase, and I'll mostly be looking at what there is to see. Of course, we'll do our traditional lunch of barbecue lamb sandwiches and lemonaid. Yummy!

It's also fun to look for someone we've met and become friends with over the years, find out what's happened since the last time, and see what's recommended for this year. That's how we found out where to get the best sandwich ever. When in doubt of the best place to eat, ask a shepherd!

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