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I hate snow

Really, I hate snow.

Okay, waiting for the lightening strikes.

Ka-blam! That's the sound, right?

The reasons I like snow:

  • It's pretty on the tree branches.
  • It's good for cross country skiing.
  • It's a good reason to stay inside and knit.
  • The cats look funny as they “swim” through the piles taller than their tummies or bunny hop to keep their feet from freezing.

The reasons I hate snow:

  • It piles up, and then I have to shovel it.
  • It melts and refreezes as icy patches that you can slip on when you walk around outside.
  • I have to scrape it off the car before I drive it to or from work.
  • I have to move it around and make empty clear places. And try to keep it from making icy spots.
  • There are idiots on the roads when it snows. Idiots that don't realize that the gene pool is not for skating on when the roads are cruddy and the visibility is piffle and they have no headlights on. Pfft.

But, it sure can be pretty after the snow stops falling and the sun starts shining.

pretty snow

And when it gets heavy enough, it trims the tree branches for us.

broken snow tree

Stupid tree, doesn't it know that the leaves are supposed to be gone by now?

There are a couple of phases that the snowy weather goes through with me.

  • Oh, look, it's pretty. What a nice photo that would make (very fleeting).
  • Wow, that's a lot of snow (only when it goes over 6 inches).
  • Darn it, that's a lot of snow to shovel (when it's over 4 inches, too deep for the snow-blower and needs shoveling out of the whole blah blah blah driveway, around the house, halfway up the mountain...).
  • When will this junk ever melt? (when it's been 6 weeks of the same snow level and I'm ready for spring thaw and temperatures in the 70's)

As long as it doesn't ice over, I can handle snow as a nuisance. But add ice, and I start to feel a little irritable.

Freezing rain in the forecast? Argh. It means the possibility of power lines down, not being able to go outside without the risk of slipping and falling (at least snow will crunch underfoot), and even more idiots on the roads that never learned that if it's black and wet looking, it's not just wet. Hey stupid, that's black ice, which is more dangerous than just wet spots. Think no traction. Think major sliding sideways.

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I hate snow too. Prrrr

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