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Piper Cleaner Plz

I think my internet connection needs a regular dose of pipe cleaner. Yep. Or at least it did.

I was having weird connection problems, where pages weren't loading, email wasn't loading, and internet explorer was giving weird “timing out” error pages without even any time passing. Hellllooo!?? Anything out there??

So, I did my basic things of checking and making sure all was running correctly first.

Disk scan: check.

Registry and disk cleanup utility: check.

Good wifi signal: check.

Wifi security settings still good and signal strong and not being hijacked: check.

Reset to original settings on MS Internet Explorer: check.

Load and try using Firefox browser: check.

Load and try using Google Chrome browser: check.

End result: zip, nada, zero, still junky connection.

And this wasn't just on my computer, this was happening to another computer in the household that uses the wifi signal. If it was connected with a wire to the LAN, it was fine. Go figure. Why the crappy no-load no-man's land using wifi? Grrrr!!

Finally, last night, I did my favorite low-tech way of using internet pipe cleaner. I pulled some plugs.

Yessirree, pulled the power connection to the modem, then plugged it back in, and watched lights blink.

Ah, bliss!! No more weirdness! Well, until the next time I want to work or even THINK of working on blog backups, or posting to the blog...

I'm still using Moveable Type, haven't even moved to WordPress. I'm blaming the internet connection crazy weirdness. Why try moving files around if your connection hiccups and things disappear? It was bad enough I typed emails that disappeared into la-la-land.

At least knitting doesn't rely 100 percent on the internet. Just yarn and needles. I have one Christmas gift hat finished, started another, and still have to yarn-end-finish the D&K winter warmers so I can take some pictures. When I thought (ha!) that I could sit down and work yarn ends in, someone (nameless) had me doing something else with my time.

Hey! This is knitting work! (laughing to myself now) Ah well, that's part of the fun of designing at home. Home thinks if you are sitting still on a Saturday morning, you need to do something else.

I'm just happy I finally have a new Job2 lined up. If I get my paperwork in line on Wednesday, I start the same day, and will have another retail job, but slightly different from Job1. Job1 sells candles and dishes and furniture, oh my! Job2 sells shoes. I'm so glad I worked at (unnamed chain) retail business in 1990, it prepared me well for both jobs. And I'm so glad that the manager of Job2 believes more in fully training her employees, and from what I gathered from the interview, she'll let me bring good selling practices from Job1 to Job2. Completely different from old Job2, where I had to literally ignore customers to finish a task. Helluuuuu, um, customers ignored equals no sales equals no money equals missing budgets...what part of doh doesn't this meet? So, now for both jobs, I get to help customers over tasking, with tasking a low point on the list of priorities. Yippee!! I'm happy!

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