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Breast Cancer Rant

Warning, this is a rant about the recent so-called study and report released about breast cancer self-examinations and mammograms.

I've heard about this study. I've read the summary of it. I'm enraged against the idiots who were involved in making their recommendations and released this report.

They should be ashamed of themselves.

These are horrible recommendations. In fact, these really aren't recommendations or true findings, these are idiot opinions.


Ask any breast cancer survivor or their family members. Read the real facts about diagnosis and why doctors themselves are recommending yearly mammograms and monthly self-examinations. Read the real facts at the American Cancer Society website, the Susan G. Komen website, or any website you can find through Google, Yahoo, any search engine out there.




Bottom line, they are trying to protect pockets, not using real, true common sense, no true science.

I don't care what they are backtracking and trying to un-proclaim, they are serving only themselves, not true health, not true prevention.

My mother is a survivor. She was diagnosed and had surgery in 2001. She found her cancer as a lump in her own self-examination. And the placement of the cancer site was such that a traditional mammogram machine could not image it properly. But it was still in the breast wall. She even had a second doctor examine her, and she received a correct and proper diagnosis from him with confirming lab test results.

Would the exact same group of idiots make the same kind of recommendations for, say, a male cancer? I so don't think so!

The only time I've not had a mammogram is when I didn't have the funds to pay for it, and a horrific work schedule to deal with. I've been having annual mammograms since I turned 35. I religiously practice thorough self-examinations on a monthly basis. I just wish I could have started the mammograms at age 30; when I did bring the subject up with my gynecologist, he only asked if I had found a lump and said wait until 40. Well, Mom's cancer showed up when I was 34, and I had my baseline the following year. So there, doc!

I still have strong feelings on the earliest age any woman should get a mammogram, and that I feel should be age 30. Maybe every 2 years until age 40, but definitely her baseline at age 30.

And if they are so concerned about the great numbers of false positives, well, darn it, fix the reasons for them. Mostly they need better trained people who do the examinations and reading of the mammogram xrays and diagrams. More time for these people to do the examinations, so that they don't rush and just mark them as “positive” instead of the correct analysis. Better imaging and better methods of imaging.

And here's where I add more to the rant: use digital mammography, and more use of sonograms. Both methods are extremely more accurate than the current mammography methods. Why not use something that works so much better, more accurately, and gives better images?

To quote a certain cartoon character: Doh!

Okay, rant over.

I think I'll go sketch a breast cancer sock idea.

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