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Welcome to the Ma'am Generation

Yes, Welcome to the Ma'am Generation!

I've apparently reached the stage in my life where just about any stranger refers to me as "ma'am" instead of "miss" and that was most apparent on Wednesday, when I had new tires put on my car. The guy behind the counter at Mr Tire, I'm not sure if I should refer to him as a young lad yet, started off with ma'am as soon as I approached the counter.

Then as the discussion about exactly what tire and car services I wanted (tire replacement only, thank you) progressed, ma'am was frequently spotted. As I waited for the tires to be replaced, the old ones had just been removed, the brakes deemed to be in good condition, and Mr Tire Jr reappeared where I was waiting, and ma'am-ed me again. When I paid for the tires, I was addressed as ma'am yet again, but by then I had been desensitized to it.

I've also noticed that at various stores, I've been addressed as a ma'am these past few months. Ma'am, did you want to king-size your sandwich and fries? Thank you, ma'am, for shopping here today, here's your change. Excuse me, ma'am? Is that... and so on.

I'm 39, soon to reach 40, yes I was born way back in 1968 and according to one website, part of the so-called Generation X. I actually think it should be called Generation Ma'am by the time you reach 30 or so. Friends have told me I don't actually look my true age. Some people (that I have just met and then became traveling friends with told) who barely know me say that also. I mildly freaked out a relative last year when she found out that I was about 10 years older than she thought I was.

So, I'm guessing that it's in the way that I handle myself, behave, talk, and appear in general. I don't try to dress like a teenager (the body just wouldn't look right in skintight spandex cut down to my ankles) and I don't use like, ya know, kinda like, every other word or phrase. Heaven help the poor kids who try to come across as "mature adults" with like ya know like he said like and ya know like weird sentences ya know?

Fewer people use "dude" the way I do, and seem to not remember what "cool" really was. And no, it was nothing like the tv shows either.


Hi. I'm Ma'am I am. At least for now.

At least my nieces and nephew still think their Aunt A. is still cool. Even if she is "old" and knits great socks (that they pet and then wear to death) or other fun things, like ponchos and scarves. And teaches them how to use a knitting loom, still reads books with them, talks seriously about why the cats are this color and not that, and yes, boys/girls are stinky sometimes. Isn't it fun to borrow kids?


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