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Not quite Uniform enough?

I have the joy of attempting to start 2 new part-time jobs this week. And both have "mandatory" dress codes.

One is solid color shirts, with tan (khaki) colored slacks, in twill or chino fabric.

The other is white collared shirts, with black slacks that are not jeans.


Both are retail, with 2 very different retailers, and no, I'm not naming which is which yet, just referring to them for now as Boss1 and Boss2 or Job1 and Job2.

I went shopping for my new "uniforms" this past week and again this week. Why different trips? Well, I knew about the "uniform" for Job1, and I shopped for it appropriately, buying new khaki colored slacks, and making sure that I had proper shoes I could wear all day. (They are the "restaurant" approved kind, with a slight heel, black, and looks a little dressy) And I knew Job2 was a distinct possibility as well, but naiively thought that I could use the same clothes, just change out shoes to a tie-on black shoe (again "restaurant" approved kind) instead of the slipons with the little heel.

Ha! The universe laughs at me! Today, I found out after calling to confirm when and which day Job1 was starting, then calling to alert Boss2 to the fact that Job1 was starting the same day, can I start the next day, I found out about the black/not/jeans pants thing. Darn! More shopping!

So, off to the local ghost-mall, and one chain store, yep, only one, count it, one pair in my size in black that I know fits me perfectly. Scoped out other stores, nope, no women's white collared shirts or even decent oxfords in women's wear. Rats. Off to the other stores.

One store I contemplated pants in, but I am not into showing off my butt crack, so sorry, no go. I did buy some very nice men's shirts that I can wear to both jobs. Then I went to a the large semi-discount-that-everyone-goes-to and bought some more mens shirts, 2 of which were "dress" shirts with the collar and sleeve sizing. Good thing I know how my size translates into men's sizing!

Then I tried another discout-but-slightly-better-quality store, and tried on a woman's shirt. Hah! Hah! Olive Oyl arms I do not have, and it fit completely wrong on me. Okay, I have nice straight (slightly broad/square) shoulders, but I do have a woman's curves, yeah?  I checked, the sleeves were the same circumference on ALL of the dratted shirts! So, off to the men's section, 2 more men's shirts, and oh yeah, a belt to help hold my pants up that isn't brown but is black too.

And one more store, that keeps having weekend sales (when don't they) and tried to find more women's pants in my size in black. Nope. All sold out it seems, and I could force myself to fit into 8 or 10 and explode, kaboom!! and look like a horrible caricature that you only see on TV, a "fat" woman in "tiny" clothes. Nope. I drifted off, went to a sub shop and then home for lunch.

Ah. An armful of nice shirts, a few in oxford cloth, a few (surprisingly to me) are wrinkle-free straight from the dryer. And one pair of black pants that aren't jeans. Hmm, now can I order the same kind online? If only I could KNIT something and have it be the uniform solution, but alas, I am not into knitting pants, and I don't think they'd be acceptable to Boss2.

I can't wait for the day I become my own, real boss, with a real yarn store that is open. But, sadly, not soon enough!

I'm still dreaming though.......

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