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Bye Bye, Baby, Goodbye

Poor bottle baby. Just manages to reach 6 weeks, and will always be 6 weeks old. Yes, poor little creature died Monday, fell asleep and never woke up.

He'd developed the sniffles the past few days, but I didn't think anything of it. Some of the other cats and kittens had the sniffles too, so I thought they were the normal way of things for the fall. And he had sneezes that shook his whole little body, and then he'd be tired but fine. Playing hard. stop where he was, curl up and sleep.

Monday morning, he was sitting by himself, snuffly, cold to the touch, and had baby snot on his nose and chest. He didn't want his bottle, and I just thought he was too snuffly/snotty to drink. Funny, because the night before he'd guzzled down his 3 tablespoons of MKR milk out of the bottle.

Since he was messy, I pulled out the cat wipes and a towel, and started wiping him down, rubbing him with the towel to warm him up as I went. Then he had a series of what I thought were sneezes, shaking his little body (maybe they were little seizures, but I'm not sure, even now). He went limp, and I was a little alarmed, but only thought he'd tired himself out, and just needed to sleep and stay warm.

He was tucked into a sunny corner on the front step, wrapped in his towel, with 2 older cats to snuggle with. Another kitten came and snuggled on top of him, and then bottle baby was asleep for a while.

Then I went back a few hours later, to see if he was awake and hungry. He had moved from the top of the step to another sunny spot just below it, stretched out, and fell asleep for the last time.

At least I can say he was a heavy little kitten, with nice thick orange fur, and a full set of baby teeth. He was chewing on cat food and kitten chow, playing with the bigger kittens (ages 9 weeks and 4 months) and getting snuggle privileges with the grand-dame cat, Binka2.

Bye Bye, Baby, Goodbye.

You taught me how to "burp" a kitten when he's on a bottle, that 2 tablespoons is a respectable amount to make his tummy nice and round from feeding/nursing.

I'll miss looking for your noisy mewing, when you would climb my leg and hope you'd get an extra bottle feeding but settle for strokes and purring your little self crazy. I'll miss you climbing up to my shoulder, still a little sticky from just finishing your bottle, sniffing my ear, looking around, letting me tuck you back in with the other cats to get a tongue bath from them.

 Bottle Baby Age 4 weeks on step

Bye Bye, Bottle Baby. You will always be a baby, and remembered as that cute, noisy, annoying but funny kitten.

Good thing I never got the urge to knit a kitten sweater. Never gonna happen!

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