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The Universe is Laughing

Okay, it really is. I show up at Job1 for starting work and find out I can wear black pants there as well as Job2. (imagine a raspberry sound here)

But I'm allowed to wear one of 7 basic colors (not listing them here!!) top/bottom, and I can still wear white shirts at Job1 as well. As Boss1 put it, the basic neutrals used in "business casual" attire.


So there, says the Universe. You still need buy more pairs of black pants, and they will be interchangeable with your Jobs. Ha Ha Ha!

But I think I need to have my eyeglass prescription changed, drastically so. Yes, I know I have another month before I'm officialy 40, but darn it! I need either bifocals or trifocals like NOW!

Minor migraine from doing a lot of up-close reading yesterday, and I'm still carrying its ghost with me today. Not fun feeling like you have an hangover and you know you didn't do anything to earn it either! I'm a wee bit nearsighted, but I can read normally at book distance. Even my computer screens sit 18-24 inches away from my face and I can read them. (well, so long as it's not in pizzy-ant our mouse sized print)

Or it could be that I dehydrated, or need to go back onto my prescription acid reflux medicine. I've been trying to use over-the-counter stuff, and I don't think it works as well. The prescription stuff really worked and I didn't have migraines or pre-migraines or minor migraines as often as I'm getting now. I don't care if the COBRA health insurance doesn't cover it, my general health and well being are that important to me. Phooey!

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