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Baby got teeth!

The score thus far is (imagine a small drum roll...)....

Kitten - 4       Bottle - 0

Bottle Baby is chewing through the bottle nipples, and I threw away the third one this morning. He has sharp baby teeth now, ouch! He is still sucking and gobbling away at the KMR milk, between 2 and 3 tablesppons at each feeding, 2 or 3 times a day.

And boy is he growing! I have to get some new pictures to show how big my little boy kittie is growing; he is almost the size of the 7-week old kittens, and now has pretty huge paws. Of course, it's fun to see his tummy nice and round, and he has nice thick baby fur on him. I wonder what I should call him? Yes, he has no name as yet, poor little 4-week old baby.

And I think (and know from catching him at it) that he's sneaking momma cat milk from MeeToo, another momma cat (the mom of the 7-week olders) and B-2 (aka Binka II), the grandmom cat. B-2 is so old, if she wants to nurse, she just does. Always make me laugh to think of an old cat, so old she is no longer having babies (can't remember how old she is, just that it's older than 12 or 13), lying down with another momma's baby and just nursing. She really does sometimes. It helped Mr E.U. so much that he grew up, and he wandered off to find a new home. I no longer see him, he wandered off so fast!

In terms of knitting projects, I recently started knitting Trekking sock yarn marked "6 fach" which to my feeble interpretation means 6 ply, and is making a lovely pair of heavier socks. I'm working a pair for myself using US 2 needles, and they are soft, warm, and just right. I also finally finished a pair of Tsock Flock club socks, Frenchman's Creek, and they are pretty! I haven't blocked the lace tops yet, but I'm in love with the combination of blue, fancy stitches, beads, and the lace tops. I did have to cheat a wee bit on the second sock; I had about 12 rows of lace left to do, and 18 inches of yarn. So, I found some yarn in my stash, sneak-cheated it in, and finished the lace. And you can't tell where I did it, or which sock is #1 or #2, so there!

I just started the York & Lancaster socks, and it is going to be fun! The first sock I'm working on is the red one, and I love the heraldic patterning on the sock. I'm starting to wonder how it would work on its own, sans roses, for a pair of socks that I might make for my nephew (age 16). And said nephew has a neat sense of color for sock yarn.

Yesterday I wound up some sock yarn he picked out at the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival (sadly, I couldn't go and missed out on the fun), and my mother and I were marveling at the colors he and his sister (age 12) both picked out for socks. As I was watching the yarn move from swift to ballwinder, I was dreaming up patterns to work the socks in, wondering which yarn would look best this way or that, and if I could sneak in a gansey-sweater-like pattern on this yarn or if a slightly masculine but fancy ribbed top would work best...Fun times ahead!

If I can get the patterns set up for those socks, I just might, maybe perhaps, take pictures of them, write up the directions and chart the patterning out, and include them in my sock book.

Yes, the never ending still in creation sock book. I have my rough draft of how a basic sock will be worked, my notes on sock patterns, and the outline of how I want the book to be laid out. Not to forget the book self-publishing software where I put all my pieces together to create the book before I can get it printed and bound into a real paper book!


I keep having little Wow! moments, just thinking of putting it all together. And after the book reaches reality, and I can hold a copy in my hands, I think I'll still a few little Wow! moments. I'm sure anyone else who has ever had anything published, even if self-published, had those kind of moments with their first work!

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