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Countdown to Spinning

I'm starting to count the days to the 15th...Spinning group!!

My fingers are almost in "condition" for spinning. Not quite as dry, nor quite as rough. Lots of cocoa butter hand lotion at night, lots of Aveeno during the day, and bandaids on the thumb splits for protection at work seems to be doing the trick.

I'm not pulling out my spinning wheel yet. If I did, it would be the Schacht wheel, which has spinning-in-progress waiting for me to resume. I'll take my drop spindle project, which is hand colored roving being spun and plied into sock weight yarn. I have some plying to finish, and then I can pick up and start spinning the rest of the roving again. Soft, pretty, and fun!

I wonder if I'll be demonstrating my techniques? Or helping explain some basics of spinning to anyone? I have no idea what comparison there is in experience among the spinners in the group. For all I know, I might be the "novice" amongst them!

Mom will be taking her wheel. We plan on pulling it out this week, dusting and oiling and getting it ready for "public" spinning! I think she plans on practicing on it a little too, to get her hand back in and reacquaint herself with her spinning rhythm.

On the knitting front, I've started Beithe again, this time in a soft blue woolen blend, but this version is for Mom. I had it separate on me in a few places when I was winding the skein into a ball, so I have a few mini balls waiting to be spliced back in. I think the staple from the label pinched and broke the yarn, because it is consistently in the same place, and rather a clean break on either one strand or all strands of the yarn. If I don't have enough yardage because of the splicing, I'll either create a different design for a shawlette, or pull out the Landscape Shawl and do the neck scarf version.

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