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December 18, 2009

My other trousers

I'm starting to feel like a Wallace and Gromit remix.

Headline in the science and technology section of the online news: Astronomers discover 11 new planets.

My reaction: Hey, what about re-planeting Pluto, dummies? Sorry, I'm still loyal to the whole 9 planets around the Sun in the Milky Way thing. But I guess what they say is true, size is everything to some people. Not placement, not association, not orbital context. Phooey. Pluto will always be a planet to me, no matter what they label it with.

I wonder if any of those new planets were graded like cheese? Explorability comparable to edibility? Possibilities of atmosphere or cheese flavored core?

K. Nuff goofiness there.

I have a new Job2. But part of the dress code is “trouser socks” amongst a few other things. The few other things are fine, I use them already as my “uniform” for Job1. But trouser socks? Gasp. I have all these lovely, handknit, warm, soft socks. In a myriad of colors. Bright colors. Only a few in “dress” or dark colors. Very few.

So, now I have to rush to get a pair of socks finished enough for nakeding needles, and then dig through my stash for the yarns I was holding onto, as the, well, boring colors. Yeah. Boring, drab, not as interesting. Or rather, not as bright as the eye popping hand-dyed concoctions of sock joy that have been gracing my needles lately.

I get to experiment with making socks that are “trouser sock” enough and “dressy” enough to qualify for work dress code. Job1 doesn't care what color my socks are. And so far, I've been able to squeak through with my socks so far at Job2. The other girls at Job2 have pants legs long enough to cover the tops of their shoes. I was raised differently, my pants have a “perfect” length of inseam, and come above my shoes. I don't walk on my pants edges.

I also have to empty and naked a set of needles so I can pull out a sock kit from my stash of tsock kits. Why? Snow. That ugly four lettered word. I want something fun to work on as the ugly white stuff falls down and confounds my driving abilities.

Snow. I have the dubious joy of driving to and from work (Job1) in the middle of the latest snow event. Forecasters are dancing with glee, calling it the biggest snow storm in the DC metro area for the month of December, biggest in years. I call it annoying. As of rush hour traffic time, forecasters were gleefully proclaiming 14-20 inches, with more possible in drifts or accumulations in some areas.

Snow. I hope the idiots that were making rush hour traffic horrendous (as I drove home from Job2 today) bought all their milk, toilet paper, eggs, bread and other necessities today. And stay off the blooming roads tomorrow. And Sunday. Dudes. If it's snowing, and you absolutely don't need to drive, unless someone's dying or there's a fire or other emergency, stay the blankety-blank home!

Anyhow. I want something fun to knit on between periods of shoveling the junk. Bad enough I have the contemplations of driving through 6 or 12 inches or so. Maybe they'll close the store early? I'm packing a dry change of clothes with me tomorrow. Just in case. And my usual carry-along sock. Just in case. And a notebook for sock sketches. Who knows what sock inspiration I'll get?

December 14, 2009

Piper Cleaner Plz

I think my internet connection needs a regular dose of pipe cleaner. Yep. Or at least it did.

I was having weird connection problems, where pages weren't loading, email wasn't loading, and internet explorer was giving weird “timing out” error pages without even any time passing. Hellllooo!?? Anything out there??

So, I did my basic things of checking and making sure all was running correctly first.

Disk scan: check.

Registry and disk cleanup utility: check.

Good wifi signal: check.

Wifi security settings still good and signal strong and not being hijacked: check.

Reset to original settings on MS Internet Explorer: check.

Load and try using Firefox browser: check.

Load and try using Google Chrome browser: check.

End result: zip, nada, zero, still junky connection.

And this wasn't just on my computer, this was happening to another computer in the household that uses the wifi signal. If it was connected with a wire to the LAN, it was fine. Go figure. Why the crappy no-load no-man's land using wifi? Grrrr!!

Finally, last night, I did my favorite low-tech way of using internet pipe cleaner. I pulled some plugs.

Yessirree, pulled the power connection to the modem, then plugged it back in, and watched lights blink.

Ah, bliss!! No more weirdness! Well, until the next time I want to work or even THINK of working on blog backups, or posting to the blog...

I'm still using Moveable Type, haven't even moved to WordPress. I'm blaming the internet connection crazy weirdness. Why try moving files around if your connection hiccups and things disappear? It was bad enough I typed emails that disappeared into la-la-land.

At least knitting doesn't rely 100 percent on the internet. Just yarn and needles. I have one Christmas gift hat finished, started another, and still have to yarn-end-finish the D&K winter warmers so I can take some pictures. When I thought (ha!) that I could sit down and work yarn ends in, someone (nameless) had me doing something else with my time.

Hey! This is knitting work! (laughing to myself now) Ah well, that's part of the fun of designing at home. Home thinks if you are sitting still on a Saturday morning, you need to do something else.

I'm just happy I finally have a new Job2 lined up. If I get my paperwork in line on Wednesday, I start the same day, and will have another retail job, but slightly different from Job1. Job1 sells candles and dishes and furniture, oh my! Job2 sells shoes. I'm so glad I worked at (unnamed chain) retail business in 1990, it prepared me well for both jobs. And I'm so glad that the manager of Job2 believes more in fully training her employees, and from what I gathered from the interview, she'll let me bring good selling practices from Job1 to Job2. Completely different from old Job2, where I had to literally ignore customers to finish a task. Helluuuuu, um, customers ignored equals no sales equals no money equals missing budgets...what part of doh doesn't this meet? So, now for both jobs, I get to help customers over tasking, with tasking a low point on the list of priorities. Yippee!! I'm happy!

December 08, 2009

I hate snow

Really, I hate snow.

Okay, waiting for the lightening strikes.

Ka-blam! That's the sound, right?

The reasons I like snow:

  • It's pretty on the tree branches.
  • It's good for cross country skiing.
  • It's a good reason to stay inside and knit.
  • The cats look funny as they “swim” through the piles taller than their tummies or bunny hop to keep their feet from freezing.

The reasons I hate snow:

  • It piles up, and then I have to shovel it.
  • It melts and refreezes as icy patches that you can slip on when you walk around outside.
  • I have to scrape it off the car before I drive it to or from work.
  • I have to move it around and make empty clear places. And try to keep it from making icy spots.
  • There are idiots on the roads when it snows. Idiots that don't realize that the gene pool is not for skating on when the roads are cruddy and the visibility is piffle and they have no headlights on. Pfft.

But, it sure can be pretty after the snow stops falling and the sun starts shining.

pretty snow

And when it gets heavy enough, it trims the tree branches for us.

broken snow tree

Stupid tree, doesn't it know that the leaves are supposed to be gone by now?

There are a couple of phases that the snowy weather goes through with me.

  • Oh, look, it's pretty. What a nice photo that would make (very fleeting).
  • Wow, that's a lot of snow (only when it goes over 6 inches).
  • Darn it, that's a lot of snow to shovel (when it's over 4 inches, too deep for the snow-blower and needs shoveling out of the whole blah blah blah driveway, around the house, halfway up the mountain...).
  • When will this junk ever melt? (when it's been 6 weeks of the same snow level and I'm ready for spring thaw and temperatures in the 70's)

As long as it doesn't ice over, I can handle snow as a nuisance. But add ice, and I start to feel a little irritable.

Freezing rain in the forecast? Argh. It means the possibility of power lines down, not being able to go outside without the risk of slipping and falling (at least snow will crunch underfoot), and even more idiots on the roads that never learned that if it's black and wet looking, it's not just wet. Hey stupid, that's black ice, which is more dangerous than just wet spots. Think no traction. Think major sliding sideways.

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