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Small winter warmers

I'm working on a pattern that I've tentatively called D&K Easy Winter Warmers.

Named after nephew and niece, whom have no idea that they are getting these for Christmas this year. But the details that I can whisper about are: soft, warm, easy to knit, fast to knit (for me, at least) and will include a scarf, half-mitts, and a hat out of one big ball of heavy worsted yarn. (So what if the label lists it as “5 Bulky” weight? Phbbt! I still prefer the old method of heavy worsted. Phooey on those that need the 1-2-3-4-5 numbers. I go by how the yarn works up.)

As I listed in my Ravelry project page, the target for these items are teenagers.

The scarf may or may not be fringed, depending on what the end result is desired by the knitter or wearer. The half-mitts are easy, with 2 sizes of medium and large “adult” sizing. The hat will be stretchy ribbed, and fit a head size as large as the ribbing stretches out to.

I'm working on the pattern as I go along, so this is pretty much a work in process. I'm also hoping to make it nice and pretty in the OpenOffice Writer, pdf format it, and offer it for sale. Big ambitions, me.

In other knitting projects, I've finished knitting 3 pairs of socks, with the ends worked in and socks have been washed and dried, just waiting to be worn. I have another pair on the needles, sock 1 is into the ribbing, with the foot and heel worked. Someone has been watching the socks and on occasion handling the knitted section, and has no clue that the socks will fit this person. Yep, surprise will occur!

One pair of socks is sitting about 2/3 done on sock 1, going “la la la, finish me” and waiting for me to decide which way I'm going to finish the ribbing/top portion of the sock. Yes, another toe-up sock pair, with a twisted stitch design that I keep playing with in my mind. At least the body of the sock worked out, just working on the top part from the ankle upwards.

No pictures, I finally figured out how to copy pictures taken on my cellphone to a computer, but I haven't been snapping any shots of anything lately. Hmm, wonder if it means anything when I prefer to knit and fondle yarn over taking pictures? Well, that's one thing I'll have to correct, and start getting in the habit of taking pictures of what I knit!

At least I have one last picture of the itty-bitty-kitty, who is no more. itty bitty kitty

He went to sleep one last time, never woke up. At least he lasted longer than last year's bottle baby, about 3 months old poor itty-bitty. His sister is still around, nice and big and kitten-chubby. She adores people still, and I'll have to consider putting a kitten collar on her soon so nobody snatches her up, and to start training her for a flea collar.

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awww I am so sorry you had sock pboelrms. I LOVE mine so much, I hope it works out! But dont beat yourself up. You finish plenty of things!

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