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Little Orphan Kitties

It's a cool, damp day today, a perfect day for the smell of cooling pumpkin pies that were baked this morning. I look out the front door, and the doorstep is covered with snoozing cats and drowsy kittens.

I have three little orphan kitties. Not sure how it happened, but momma-cat went missing one day, and it's been several days of her not showing up for food or anything. Hence, orphan kittens three. All orange tabbies of varying stripes, two girls and one teeny tiny boy.

The girls are definitely going to grow up, but the little guy has me just a little concerned for him. Thank heavens I still have the KMR kitten milk powder from last year, I mix up a little in a dish and he slurps it down. He's too old for a bottle and so far it's helping him grow a little fatter, or appear a little fatter. He'll need the fat under his fur as the weather cools down, and especially since he's not nursing on a momma-cat.

There's another momma-cat with three kittens too, two black (one each gender) and one orange tabby (girl) and so far she's been a sweetheart and letting the two orange sisters mob her with her own bunch. The little hopalong guy got tired of being pushed out by all the others, he's the smallest of both bunches. He also has the messiest face of them all, but has been learning to wash his face more often so that his human “momma” doesn't wipe him down with a wet paper towel.

At least all of them are old enough to know how to chew dry food, and where the food and water stations are, and I have seen them going off and “grazing” when they get hungry. Smart kitties!

I hate credit cards. Really. They are a necessary evil method of payment in these days of electric transactions. What I really hate the most is how quickly the charges accumulate, and how they weasel in other charges and fees on you, in spite of what the media claims about limitations and all. All I can say personally here is that as soon as I have certain cards paid off, I'm closing them down forever. Period.

I'm back to designing socks again, funny how it happened. I had some sock yarn leap out of my stash at me, and I finally turned the skeins into two balls of yarn, finished another “plain” pair, then used those needles to start a toe-up sock. Hmm, wonder if this stitch will work, or if that stitch will work, and what happens if I do that kind of stitch?

My camera batteries need re-charging, that's my latest excuse for no pictures. Well, I could probably use the camera in my cellphone, but I'm not sure if I'd get the kind of picture that I really want, and I'm still trying to figure out the download-from-cellphone-to-computer steps.

But I can definitely say that I have another sock design to add to my list of socks that will make it into “the book” when I get to the designs part. I'm still working on the outline, or rather fleshing out the outline, and writing the rough drafts of two sections. I'm also writing down in my flow-of-consciousness method bits and pieces of my sock knitting philosophy and design methods, or lack of methods, or just how it sometimes happens to me.

Back to the current sock in progress. All I will say is that I never expected the yarn to knit up as nicely as it is, and I originally thought, hmm, plain sock, watch the colors shift in the yarn. The yarn is from Spirit Trail Fiberworks, in the Paivatar yarn. I'm not sure what the exact colorway is, my mother bought it on my behalf at last year's Maryland Sheep and Wool when I had to work.

The yarn has a great stitch definition, you can see each knit or purl stitch, and if you cross stitches in a cable-like manner, well, stunning! And in the colors for this particular pair of socks, the criss-crossing of the stitches is not hidden, and both the colors and the stitches are playing off each other. Boy, do I need to recharge those batteries!

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