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Waiting on Patience

I have to be patient. Really patient, and trying for calm.

My four-wheeled baby is at the dealership, waiting her turn at being examined and diagnosed. I keep hoping that it's a relatively easy fix, something that doesn't keep her out of commission for too long, and that's not going to cost me an arm and a leg. Or in wool/yarn terms, several pairs of socks or a sweater's worth of yarn.

At least the service people are nice, and they were able to pull my car information up on the computer, and had the paperwork ready and waiting when I arrived with the poor baby. I left the keys and sadly left with my ride, to come home again to await a phone call, have some toast for a mid-morning snack, and to (hopefully) get some more book writing done. And hope I can do it before I have to do my afternoon/early evening shift at Job1.

Yes, I have a backup version of transportation, but I'm not happy about leaving someone else without a car while I'm at work. At least my hours are weird and short enough that I'm not far from home, and not for long.

And I wait. And wait. And hope it's not that bad while I wait.

Hey, where's my knitting book notes and draft? Might as well make some good use of time, right?

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