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Frustrated but still alive

I'm a little frustrated right now. I get a little knitting done, but not as much as I really want to. I have a birthday project I need to finish for a friend, and while it really should be done by now, sadly it isn't.

The soap socks are at the count of 2 partially done, one just re-started. The first 2 need their endings worked in, and drawstrings added, then I'll wash and dry them before popping in the soap bars. The one that was re-started, it's only to the first round of knitting after caston.

My personal socks are languishing, one set draped across the back of the living room couch, woefully watching me from across the room. Wanting to become a full pair, instead of one sock and a partial mate. My backup knitting sock is buried at the bottom of my go-to-work bag, growling on occasion, trying to remind me that it needs more ribbing done to be made into a proper sock, hah!

And my latest frustration: the car is making noises.

Unhappy noises.

Grinding metal noises.

Noises that could be a multitude of possibilities.

It's not the oil level, that's fine, just a little dirty. I tried to change it today, but the drain plug just refused to budge at all. And I got all sweaty, grumpy, swore at it some, fought it for a good half-hour, then packed it all back up. So the dirty-ish oil is still present in the car.

It's not the fan, I checked the blades and they are all present, unbent, and it turns freely and without wobbling.

And it's not the underskirt (or apron, or whatevertheheck you call the part under the suv that keeps snow or mud and rocks from getting stuck on the underside of the engine) or anything loose underneath. I checked when I tried to unstick the very stuck drain plug. Nothing's loose there that shouldn't be, it's all connected correctly, no cracks or breaks, nothing there as extras either. And the loose bits that live there, well, they are the correct loose bits too.

I just can't figure this noise out, and dread finding out what it is.

I hope it's not the engine, or the drive-train in the front. Fanta has all-wheel-drive (2005 Subaru Forrester 2.5x, go look it up it you want the vehicle specs) and I don't think it will be cheap to fix a major part of what makes her go. (yes, it's a girl car, so what?)

A family member said it could be a bad bearing in the water pump, or some other parts he listed, but my brain froze at “bad bearing” and started envisioning unhappy dollar signs jumping off the bridge and drowning.

My pay situation still isn't great. I supposedly get a “pay adjustment” starting for this week's pay at Job2, to reflect the fact that minimum wage increased. Big whoop. Not. I'm still getting the same number of hours and pay rate at Job1, for which I am very grateful for.

And my hours are still being jerked around at Job2, the latest being removed from the schedule for one day this week, which happened to be today, then getting a text message (now is that unprofessional or what?) asking me to come in and work a partial shift this afternoon, totally confusing the head boss and the worker who thought she was working the evening shift by herself.

As the saying goes, someone else's poor planning is not my crisis!

Just worrying about the car, and hoping like crazy I can get it fixed for much less than what my piddling bank account and paychecks allow.

Big Sigh.

I wasted a book-writing day on car woes and weird work hours. And some serious knitting time too. Bleh.

Today's almost over, and tomorrow is but another day.

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