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Well, that stinks

I'm still trying to find a balance between Job1 and Job2.

Still like Job1, starting to loath Job2. Job1 continues to be reasonable, Job2 changing at the drop of the hat. What a difference management styles (and managers) make.

I've put applications in a couple places, online through Monster.com (no, I will not place a live link here!) and the store website for the place I wouldn't mind working for, as well as walking into a store in person and applying on paper. Now, it's wait, wait, wait. And apply some more.

With the economy like it is, and employment increasing like it is, yes, I realize how fortunate I am to have the two jobs. I don't like it, but I'm coping. Even if I get crazy phone calls from a credit card company that doesn't like the fact that I can't afford full payments, hey, they are getting a payment of SOMETHING from me! and that's way better than me defaulting on payments like others I hear about on the news. Not a criticism, just a statement of fact. Others do it, I just don't want to.

Maryland Sheep and Wool festival is coming soon! Whoo hoo! Hoping I get to go, depends on my working schedule, if the stars and moons line up or not. I'm being realistic and philosophical about it.

If I can't go, I won't be happy, but I'll go to work like I need to for the paycheck, and dream of wool, yarn, sheepy things. Last year, I couldn't go because work said I had to work that weekend. A system changeover was occurring then, changing from a Unix operating system to Windows server system, and I literally sat around waiting for something to do. Really. Someone else was doing most of the work, and I wasn't told or given anything until that Sunday, late in the transition when all the hollering was over. What a waste of time for me then.

Well, I can always try for Rhinebeck too. Never been, but understand it's the fall equivalent of S&W anticipation. And it sounds like fun too! Hmm, maybe I'll finally meet my ravelry tsock momma in person by then? Just wish I had all sorts of money to spend on yarn and yarn traveling.

I've still been "darning" socks to the trash bag, another 2 individual socks. Rats. Darn! And I finally finished off a pair I had on the needles, and now about 1.5 socks on a new pair that I hope to wear soon. I did discover that I have some, gasp! store-bought-socks I have stashed in my camping and traveling gear. Yep, commercial socks, machine made items. From a package. They are absolute last resorts, that if my shoes keep eating my socks at work, I'll go to those and cheerfully chuck them in the trash heap.

Nothing, but nothing beats handmade, made-for-me socks. The yarn, the stitches, watching them go from skein to sock to foot...sigh. Makes me want to drop everything and knit them now instead of watching the clock for work/home times. But definitely, after work, when I get home, if I'm not too tired, I'll get a few rounds of sock knitting in. Sooo soothing, that rythmic action of yarn/needle/hand.

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