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My crazy life

Well, I still have 2 jobs. One is supposed to be full-time, and they work me almost full-time hours. The pay hasn't caught up yet, and I'm starting to wonder if it ever will. I'm doing the work, without the full classification, and without the documentation I need.

What a geeky thing, hanging over me from my previous work. The need for documentation. But hey, it's true, if you have it in writing, your life and your work is so much easier.

Job2 is supposed to be the full-time job. Almost no written information for me to be working from, as far as knowing when not to do a refund, when to do a refund, and what the rules and not-do situations are. I'm learning by the seat of my pants, and I don't like it. It's making me a little nuts.

Job1 is a big contrast to Job2. From day one, I had written information on what the policies and rules are, and I was given written information of what I was expected to do. My training was way more thorough too, and I wasn't just thrown in to deep shark infested work waters my first week.

Job1 just checks that I know what I'm supposed to do, and assigns specific tasks to me. Job2 is more amorphous, fuzzy edges and boundaries as to what I need to do or have done by the end of the day/shift. And I keep making dumb mistakes based on information I need but don't have until after the mistake is made.

So, very long detailed story short, I'm going to start job shopping again. Really. If Job2 can't give me straight answers early, can't give me a work schedule that doesn't mutate within minutes, I have to move on to something more stable.

Knitting-wise, I'm still making the occaisional pair of socks for myself, and I'll have to step up the "my socks" production a little. I've put at least 4 individual socks in to the garbage, standing over the container or bag and saying "darn it!" as I drop the completely un-repairable item in. So now I have about hmmm, 2 or 3 pairs of oddball socks, with only one sock that has no mate until I match it up with a non-matching sock. If that makes any sense! I can use them for sleeping when my feet get chilly, or weekend wear when it doesn't matter what I wear on my feet.

I'm also working on a surprise item for my almost teenager niece who has no idea her A.A. is making for her. A sort of shrug/sweater/short item, made from a stashed acrylic white yarn with a silver glitz thread wrapped around it. I'm using top-down construction, from the neck down, raglan shaping, garter stitch, and writing down all my steps as I go. I had the first sleeve almost finished, then realized I'd dropped stitches and made boo-boos throughout the sleeve. Rip! back to the start of the sleeve section.

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