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I am very tempted to spend money I don't have. Well, it's not in my "budget" or part of my yarn diet.

On this: Wireless Access







I buy lots and lots of paperback books a year, and read almost all of them. These are "just for reading" books, some fluff, some science fiction, some mystery, some thriller, a very eclectic selection of reading material. And they pile up. Or I hand them off to another person, and hope that she can read them. But I think my mother's a little overwhelmed with paperbacks right now...

And I would never ever think of replacing my knitting library or books on knitting with downloads to an e-book.

Cons: uses electricity/needs periodic recharging, costs $$$ to buy, $ to download books, viewable only in direct lighting (not backlit)

Pros: very few recharges (especially if I turn off the wireless antenna), holds lots of books instead of being a huge stack of books, can travel on the plane with me (smaller and harder to lose than a laptop pc)

I'm still weighing my options, and considering my options.

And also wondering if I'll be the idiot who buys the thing at the current price, only to see a price drop in a month or two and swallow my guilt. Who knows?

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I enjoy paper backs, as they are eiesar to handle and transport, to say nothing of afford. But my big favorite is a really well-written book, performed on audio by a really fine voice actor. The performance adds vastly to the enjoyment of the book. I watch the prices, and get some from the library, but basically am willing to spend on these.

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