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designs are fun!

I'm playing around with knitting design.

For the past few weeks, I've been slightly obsessed with finding a pattern or top that's lacy enough to wear over top of my sundresses and tank tops, but shows the colors/designs through the fabric of the top.

Haven't found anything to my liking, all of the pullover tops or t-shirt style tops are way too solid for my liking, and to my feeble eyes, look like they are all variations of the same lace pattern.

Solution: design my own overtop!

I have my basic design "cartoon" drawn up in my knitting journal, and made notes about what kind of lace patterns to play with. Easy, fast, but nice is my current designing mantra. Overall pattern, with garter stitch...well, I'm still playing with the stitch design in my head, I have to admit!

Well, on Saturday I went with my mother to a yarn store we both love in Pennsylvania, and I found the perfect bamboo fiber yarn to play with, Bambu 7, and Bambu 12. The Bambu 12 is finer than the Bambu 7, so I have to swatch up to see what looks best and which lace pattern I like. Whatever yarn is left over, I can use up in lace shawl design or practice, or just quietly make a surprise lace shawl for a friend as a gift. No yarn goes wasted in my stash!

I toyed with the idea of cotton, maybe soy silk, linen, blends of cotton/linen, cotton/rayon...and then found the bamboo fiber yarn. I was lost in the softness of the yarn, and I like that it comes from a plant. Wool is just a touch too warm for summer overshirts. Shawls, stoles, sweaters in general, fine, but as a summer layering piece, a touch too warm for me. So, bamboo yarn it is!

To be continued, obviously!

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Well said.

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