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Un-knitter's cramp

I need to knit more.

That's my conclusion of having a cramped right hand for the past few days. I do a lot of mouse work with my right hand, and Monday night I noticed it felt really cramped. Then last night, it felt like I'd sprained muscles in it.

After some contemplation at work, and making sure I flex my fingers more often, my conclusion is not enough knitting.

Why? Because I did a lot of knitting the past two and a half weeks, from the start of winter break from work until last weekend. A lot of knitting! Finishing pairs of socks, gifting one pair, wearing a few pair almost as soon as they were off the needles, starting off a knitting kit that was a Christmas gift from my mother...I did a LOT of knitting!

So, unless I can finagle a way of knitting at work without censure or derision, I'll just have to stick with the new plan: flex my fingers a lot between mousing, and knit almost as soon as I get home from work.

Wow, a new excuse to knit more!

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