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Dear Jim

I met Vicky long before I met you, and I knew anyone who loved Vicky was worthy of friendship.

My friendship and meeting of her as another soulmate who loved archaeology started in 1996, and continues to this day. So when I finally met you a few years ago, I was happy to meet someone who loved her for who she is. And I was happy to add you as a friend to talk with, travel with, laugh with.

I will never forget the joy of watching you and Vicky on horses in South Dakota three years ago, the glee with which you practiced your calf and cow cutting skills, laughing as we took teepees down.

When I first heard that you were dealing with chemotherapy, I started praying that you'd still have the strength to travel, to live life with Vicky, to still laugh and enjoy the world around you. Yes, you had bad days, but I like to think that they are outnumbered by the amount of love you received from family and friends who wanted to see you kick that cancer.

Now you have embarked on a journey without Vicky, without your family, and I wish you well. It's a journey we all face, and you just happened to start it sooner than we wanted you to.

I'm crazy, that way. I see death of the body as just the start of another journey, one our souls take. We can't take our bodies, and sometimes we part from our loved ones a little sooner than we thought.

Safe journey, my friend. You are missed.

(In Memory of Jim Trick, who embarked on January 7, 2008)

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