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February 21, 2007

Nothing like it

Here it is, Wednesday, 2 weeks after oral surgery. I feel great, and finally, chewed my first real meal. Wow. Yes, my jaws and gums have healed enough that I can start eating instead of inhaling or just swallowing.

There really is nothing like real food. Nothing. Okay, it wasn't a big meal, and yes, the noodles were nice and soft, but my jaw muscles are a little tired tonight. But, wow, gee, I got to eat real food (envision big grin).

There's nothing like a satisfying session of knitting. I'm going through serious knit withdrawal right now. I've been doing homework a couple hours straight since Monday. No knitting, boo hoo. So, since I can't hold needles in my hands and use a computer at the same time, I'll just think about it. Maybe write about it...

Of course, thinking about knitting starts me on "what's my next project" mode. Another sweater to be planned for my brother? More socks for myself, for my mother, for friends? Or maybe another shawl to add to my shawl collection. Thanks to the cold weather, I've been wearing those shawls, even to work. Nothing like something soft, colorful, pretty, that I can throw around my neck and shoulders to keep the drafts away! And I can carefully pet the soft pretty shawl, and quietly dream about knitting...while I'm gazing intently at a computer monitor, wondering how on earth I'm going to solve another computer user dilemma.

Then again, maybe I'll plan on a short spinning session this weekend. Pull out some fiber, clean off and oil my spinning wheel, and create about 8 ounces of handspun yarn suitable for a hat, pair of socks, or a scarf. Unless I end up pulling out yarn catalogs, or drooling on my keyboard as I surf the internet for yarn colors that would make great guy sweaters.

Oh, darn. I think I'll crank out a couple more paragraphs of collegic rhetoric, and find a sock that needs ribbing knit on it. For a few minutes at least.

February 19, 2007

A little less

Okay, I'm just about recovered. Two weeks ago, I went to the oral surgeon for the real deal: wisdom tooth extraction!

I'm not a big baby about dental work. Really. Just numb me up enough, let me know what to expect, and I just sit back, and wait for it to be over. It's easier than flying on a plane.

Details in short: 4 upper wisdom teeth removed. I really had 5 upper wisdom teeth, but only 4 were removable. 3 on the right, 1 on the left; the 1 that wasn't removed has grown attached to some bone, and the oral surgeon didn't want to break any bone that could be avoided.

So, no more post-surgical discomfort, just waiting for the stitches to melt and fall out on their own. At least while I was in the early throes of post-extraction-ville, I did lots and lots of knitting. Socks. I finished my bamboo socks (wool/bamboo/acrylic) and they are soft, silky, pretty...can't wait to put them on my feet.


And I started another pair of socks last week. For Mom. And finished them Sunday, worked in the ends, and gleefully handed them over to her. I could have started another pair of socks, but I have about 4 other pair started in my working project bag.

And I saw a sweater pattern that would look nice, with some adjustments, on my brother...but I'll save something "unstarted" as my reward for finishing homework.

Yes, at my age, homework. I have about 4 more classes to finish, and then I can do the graduation ceremony in May. B.S. degree, Computers and Information Sciences. No wonder I like to knit for relaxation, and as a contrast to all the technology I have deal with at work as well as with online homework. Too bad I haven't figured out a way to knit and drive. But with all the distracted drivers around, I wouldn't want to distract them any more than they are. I want to arrive home safely each day, so I can take care of someone dear to me.


Sorry, I do really clean his cage on a regular basis, but when you have a boy bunny who insists on sleeping in his food, what can you do?

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