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A little less

Okay, I'm just about recovered. Two weeks ago, I went to the oral surgeon for the real deal: wisdom tooth extraction!

I'm not a big baby about dental work. Really. Just numb me up enough, let me know what to expect, and I just sit back, and wait for it to be over. It's easier than flying on a plane.

Details in short: 4 upper wisdom teeth removed. I really had 5 upper wisdom teeth, but only 4 were removable. 3 on the right, 1 on the left; the 1 that wasn't removed has grown attached to some bone, and the oral surgeon didn't want to break any bone that could be avoided.

So, no more post-surgical discomfort, just waiting for the stitches to melt and fall out on their own. At least while I was in the early throes of post-extraction-ville, I did lots and lots of knitting. Socks. I finished my bamboo socks (wool/bamboo/acrylic) and they are soft, silky, pretty...can't wait to put them on my feet.


And I started another pair of socks last week. For Mom. And finished them Sunday, worked in the ends, and gleefully handed them over to her. I could have started another pair of socks, but I have about 4 other pair started in my working project bag.

And I saw a sweater pattern that would look nice, with some adjustments, on my brother...but I'll save something "unstarted" as my reward for finishing homework.

Yes, at my age, homework. I have about 4 more classes to finish, and then I can do the graduation ceremony in May. B.S. degree, Computers and Information Sciences. No wonder I like to knit for relaxation, and as a contrast to all the technology I have deal with at work as well as with online homework. Too bad I haven't figured out a way to knit and drive. But with all the distracted drivers around, I wouldn't want to distract them any more than they are. I want to arrive home safely each day, so I can take care of someone dear to me.


Sorry, I do really clean his cage on a regular basis, but when you have a boy bunny who insists on sleeping in his food, what can you do?

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