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January 11, 2007

Very much

Every time I visit the dentist, I learn something new about my teeth.

When I started going to the dentist I go to now, he took one of those x-rays that shows all of your teeth. I have eight - count them - 8 - wisdom teeth. The original four, plus one extra behind each tooth. When I found this out, a co-worker called me shark for a day or two.

When I had a root canal in the summer of 2005, I found out I had an extra root on my tooth. Has me wondering how many teeth have more than the usual roots.

And yesterday, I found out that I am very much attached to my teeth.

The 2 upper wisdom teeth that have descended enough to be seen were to be pulled.

Yes, they are very present in my mouth today. The dentist tried very valiantly to remove them, but decided the wisest act would be to leave them where they are, and refer me to an oral surgeon.

Oh, fun. This morning, I still have all my teeth, and my upper left jaw corner isn't too happy with me. That's the side that he worked the most on try to pull that tooth. But, that one extra tooth? Jammed hard against it!

I'm deliberately not posting any dental x-rays or mouth photos here. If you can read this, you have a vivid enough imagination, or you can run a Google search on tooth extraction. Lots of pictures there.

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