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December 23, 2006

Ahh, choo!

Nearing the end of a year here, and starting to do a few reflective thoughts. One semester over, hopefully only 4 classes to take next semester, and then I'll graduate, yippEE! Can tell that after 20 plus years of off-again-on-again college classes, I'm ready to call it quits on my B.S. degree. Computers, altho I originally started in Anthropology. Some days I wish I'd stayed with my first love, but I can always, always return to it post-B.S. Just not next Fall, I need a few months off to recupe my sanity and pay off some bills.

Officially, my winter break at work started December 19; I was on call, so I don't consider it to have started until after 5pm, when I finally turned off the work cellphone and after I check my work email that night. Hey, it's my time now, right?

I've been alternately drinking lots of warm tea, coughing, reading, and knitting. Fighting a head cold, that I dearly hope won't turn into a sinus infection, nor trigger bronchitis. Yuck. Right now, it's just nasty drainage that makes me cough periodically. At least I'm getting lots of knitting done!

Yes, I need to get my picture taking mojo going again. My red scarf is so nice and soft and comfy, I've been wearing it unblocked. Too impatient to block it, and hey, I do admit to having a fiber fetish. If its warm, soft or comfy, pretty, great color(s), I like it, I wear it. If its mine, that is! And at least I'm fortunate to have a mother who likes a lot of the same colors I do...which means I can be knitting something for her in her presence, and she has noooo idea until it has been finished/given to her. Surprise!

Case in point: I'm feverishly knitting socks for Christmas, and just finished the knitting part last night of a pair that took about 3 days. Hand painted yellows, superwash wool, sportweight yarn, (that I bought at some point at one of the Maryland Sheep & Wool festivals, only I don't remember buying it but found with great joy in the stash) that will become a gift as soon as I work the ends in and wrap them up. Shhhh! Don't let Mom know yet!

I still have to wrap everything up that needs wrapping. Sigh. Sometimes I like to use gift bags, yes I discovered how easy it is to "wrap" with a bag and some tissue paper. Unless you have something too big for the bags they make, then it's back to traditional paper and tape. And don't think you'll get your Christmas card from me before the 25th, sorry, (cough) I'm a wee bit behind this year. Have to dig out my addresses that I have, and look up one or two others that might have changed. I promise to do them before New Years, and most definitely before Easter!

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