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Turkey, black day, back to work

I don't know about you, but I had a relatively quiet turkey day. Helped my mother clean and prepare the turkey breast the day before, so all she had to do was plop it into the oven, bake, and wait. We made our usual "mooseberry" pies the day before too...okay, it's our old "kid" name for pumpkin pies, started as a joke, and just keeps getting called that. Really puzzles other people when they don't know us, or haven't heard some of our crazy names for things.

The reason the Friday after turkey day is called Black Friday? Take your pick. If you're a retailer, it's the best day of the whole year to hope your books end up in the black, with nice profits. If you're a consumer, you have no chance of getting a real parking spot, long lines of shoving, rude people, and most of the items you wanted to buy on that day are being snatched up by the rudes. I know, as a future seller of yarns, I'll have to be open then. Just don't expect me to like rude people more.

I think I'm just about ready to go back to work after a longer than usual weekend, and after only working 2 days last week. And yet, I dread it. Probably because I'm hitting end of year burnout, and dealing with some things just makes me want to scream. Too bad I can't.

At least I did some nice knitting this weekend. Finished a pair of socks for my mother and handed them over to her, complete with the ends worked in. Sometimes I'll hand them over, raw ends hanging out, and she'll do the finishing...or I'll socknap them and finish the ends. Still, a feeling of satisfaction to make the socks, say "Finished!" and hand them over to the recipient! I also finished a moebius/shawl in mohair yarn. Still have to finish it off properly by working in the ends. It's shedding a little, so I might tumble it in the dryer, air only, to see if that puffs up the finshed shawl and gets rid of the fuzzies. If not, hey, I'll share my shed fluff with whomever sits down in my chair next!

As my reward to myself, I started off an early birthday present. My birthday, present given to me early by Mom. A scarf kit, purchased at the Stitches East market. Pattern from Harrisville, yarn is Frog Tree, red Pima Silk. I finished the knitting last night, very soft, lovely drape...now to finish in the ends. Hmm, is that my theme, really? Hmm, wonder which scarf or shawl I should start on next, now I've gotten these projects done? Pictures will be posted of the shawl and scarf, after I finish them properly.

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