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Some people start small. Others, big. Me, well, I'll settle for a small beginning. With big dreams.

My big dream? Owning and running a yarn store. Yup, a real yarn store. For real.

I have great friends, who worry about me for me. When I finally expressed and shared my dream with them, they gave great words, of caution, of care.

In my "real life" of work and, well, life, I'm almost 38, about 5 classes from finally finishing my undergraduate degree (in computers, that's another story for another time), single (don't ask), and not getting any younger. And I love to knit and design stuff, not to mention the fibers I have stashed away for spinning into knitting sweaters, scarves, shawls, whatever.

So, first knitting topic: knitting lots of socks. One friend surveyed my lineup of socks during one vacation trip, and commented on, gee, you really have a sock wardrobe...and it keeps growing. I like to proudly say that I really don't have to buy anymore socks from the store. Why should I? So many sock yarns, so little time! And socks travel so well, in cars, on planes (watch out for extra-vigilent airline attendents on takeoff or landings), on subways, while I sit in a meeting that I don't have to take notes on, during jury duty...

 I've even figured out a way to combine my knitting with another love of my life, archaeology. And why not archaeology, when you can get some great views, along with meeting interesting people, learning neat things? Here's a view from last year:


And this year, I worked on this:


No, I do not dig and knit at the same time.

Yet. Maybe I will next year.

By the way, I finished the socks, and wear them with great joy. The yarn, Lorna's Laces, the pattern, RPM from

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