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Repair Shop equals Knitting To Go

I have to take my car to the repair shop early Monday morning.

Why? Repair recall notice on Subaru Forrester, I live in the "salt belt" and in the state of Maryland. I have no idea how long this will take, inspection, possible repair or replacement, coating of corrosion preventative material.

First estimate of how long it takes? 3 hours. Maybe. Maybe longer.

So, first thing, Monday morning, hi, here's my Subaru. I'll wait.

If it takes 5 hours, it takes 5 hours. I'll have plenty of knitting with me as I wait. Socks, a shawl or stole, maybe a hat or two. Plenty of knitting to keep me busy.

I know I'll get the hairy eyeball looks, and the usual (extremely original) questions of: is that a baby hat? (sock) What are you crocheting? (it's knitting) How do you knit on all those sticks? (double point knitting needles in the round)

It'll be interesting to see how many people either avoid me, ask questions (ice breaker for creating conversations), or just "ignore" what I'm doing. The usual pay-no-attention-to-the-crazy-woman-knitting-in-that-chair routine.

Maybe my car will be fixed faster?


Now, which yarn will work for that shawl/stole idea growing in the back of my mind, will that pattern stitch work in a sock, and what size needle works best for that hat and yarn? Hmmm! The possibilities, the possibilities! I'll have one fat knitting backpack!

Is there room for my fish crackers?

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