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August 10, 2009

Happiness Is

I have my car back.

If I hadn't worked all day that Saturday, my Forrester would have been back in my sweaty hands then. I'm just happy it's fixed, it was a simple fix, and not that expensive. In fact, if I hadn't been working Friday afternoon/evening, I would have been driving my own car Friday night.

But as of Monday a week ago, I have been back in business, very happy to have my own wheels back, at a minimal cost of $30 and change. To quote the worksheet, “broken rusted shield” was the problem, and the excellent repair folks at the dealership were able to make the minor change of removing that, test driving before and after to make sure the noise was gone.

So, I've been driving myself nuts now, with crazy hours at work adding to the mix. Job2 will be going through inventory on Friday, and I am not looking forward to it. I'll be the “manager on duty” for most of the day, and I just know that I'll be dragged into sku-checking and other inventory related problems. I just know it.

At least at Job1, when I was involved with the inventory, I knew exactly what I was doing, double-counting and double-checking behind one of the outside hired inventory people. She was terrific, and we pretty much agreed on the counts for each section she did. Since I was right behind her, and sometimes counting the same area as she was, she could ask questions about the merchandise, and that we I knew we were counting the same way with the same things.

I almost had a serious scheduling snafu for this week. Job1, knowing I will not be able to work for them on Friday, assigned Thursday evening hours to me. Job2, being crazy, set me up for Thursday evening hours. Same hours. I cannot be in 2 places at once, yikes! I tried one person at Job1, can you switch hours with me? No go, no babysitter available. I fully understand, and knew it might be a non-possibility. Thank you Person 1, you're a sweetheart for trying. Person 2 wanted all of Thursday off, and was trying to get someone to cover her hours earlier in the day. I ended up swapping my evening hours with the daytime hours of Person 2's swapper. Confusing, yes, but it did get worked out. A big THANK YOU to Person 3, who helped me keep my sanity, save my scheduling life, and is a precious person. I owe you!

Soap sock count: 5, with number 6 on the needles. I've worked up 2 somewhat “standard” lacy patterns for the soap socks, and hope to work up a third or a fourth pattern yet. I want a little variety in the design appearance, even if it's only in the patterning between the basic start and finish of the socks.

I've also come up with an additional way to market the socks when I finally get enough to visit the consignment shop. Not only can they be used as soap socks (primary design purpose) but for holding anything a young-at-heart female needs to keep separate from the rest of her purse, like a cellphone, or sunglasses, anything that is roughly shorter than 7 inches (estimated length of the sock), roughly about the size of a bar of soap, hmm, that's a lot of things that could fit in one!

At least I know not to price myself out of range, where nobody buys even one of the socks, but enough to recoup my expenses for making the socks. Reasonable, but not too cheap, not to expensive, or as we put it in my family, “baby bear” price. Just right. I hope so.

And if they turn out to be rather marketable, I might place the pattern for sale on the original G-Woolykins website, or sell the fully made soap socks, not sure which yet. I still have to do a re-look at the website, remodel or rework it so that it's easy to navigate, and start setting up links for future merchandise. I also have to make sure I have an operational shopping cart, which has been a little disconnected and disabled lately.

I've found out that I can work at least one or two needle's worth of stitches (20 stitches or half of the sock) while waiting for traffic lights. Not that I advocate driving around, with a sock (or soap sock) in your lap, double pointed needles sticking out every-which-way. Ugh, I hate to think of getting whacked by another car, the airbag going off, the needles going gawd-only-knows-where...ouch!! I toss the sock into the passenger seat as soon as the light changes and I go mobile. It's only when I'm fully stationary, not moving, that I pull it out, knit away, and watch the traffic light and driving idiots.

I've also been knitting a wee bit during work breaks, or just before my work session starts. Drop all the windows down so that I don't pass out like a dog baked in the car, sit there and knit until 5-10 minutes before my shift, then shove everything into my work bag, and hope I get to take my full lunch break (if I get one at Job2).

Funny how you find the time when you want to finish something off, and get it done soonest.

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