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Junk, begone!


Well. That took forever. I just finished purging almost 3,000 plus junk comments from this blog. Really. Spam comments from I don't know where. I'm not recounting how many hours or days I just wasted. I'm just happy they're all gone!

Sadly, I think I may have deleted a real comment from a very nice person. Many apologies if you go looking for your comment, it truly was an accident. I blame it on the wannabes who run 'bots that dump all sorts of junk into the comments areas of 3 entries on this blog, and NO, I am NOT mentioning which 3 so that you can run out there and junk it up again! (wink)

I'm really hating my work hours at my 2 retail jobs. Really hating the hours of Job2, because they keep changing, and mostly have been less than full-time hours. If it weren't for Job1, I'd have no money for paying bills, and even then I'm chewing nails that the next set of paychecks will help fill in the gaps I might have for paying for food and gas.

Job2 is cutting my hours back, and lately it's been pure luck if I get more than 20 hours in a week between Job1 and Job2. I average between 40 and 50 hours for 2 weeks' worth of working. Sigh. I miss a few months ago, when I was averaging about 40 to 50 hours a week from both jobs. Definitely time for a new Job2. Definitely.

Especially since I hate missing the morning hours. Those peaceful, still fresh feeling moments, when the air smells newer, everything's quiet, nobody is up or a few people are groggily stumbling off to work. When I do get up now, I feel like half my day's been wasted. That's because I need my sleep, about 8 hours worth, I end up oversleeping clock-wise, my earliest wakeup being 8 am, my latest 10 am. I hate it. I want my 5 or 6 am wakeups back, where I am alert, perky, bouncy, not dragging my but behind me like a dragon's tail, sucking up multiple cups of tea and coffee to get alert and functional. Yeah, yeah, yeah, welcome to middle-age!

I think I'll pull out my palm needles and mohair blend yarns and knit up some pot-boiler scarves, and see if the local consignment shop will sell them for me. Even though this is July, someone will soon be looking for soft, light, warm, pretty scarves for fall and winter. I'm hoping! I'll also have to pull out my cotton yarns and refigure out soap socks, to see if those will sell too. I can't sell my socks yet, all I have to show for all the sock-book knitting is prototypes that I am currently wearing, socks my friends are wearing, and the samples I'm re-designing so that the book will have clear, real directions for anyone to work off of.

What I'm starting to wonder about is how to work up yarn packs to work with the book. I'll have to get a sales license, I'm guessing, and figure out how the wholesale-to-retail game works, nuts to soup, other than what I can hope to get in the way of pricing but not too high. And I'm hoping I'll pick out yarns and colors that are “want” and “love” colors and not too gourmet, too pricy, practical, wearable, long wearing and won't felt too quickly. Yes, kind of like the description of the perfect beginner sock yarn, isn't it?

By the way, I can give knitting advice, or descriptions of what knitting can be, or share my own stories, but I'm no longer an expert for advice on college, learning institutions, or graduation ceremonies. Since I no longer work at a community college, and don't work at the institution that I last went through commencement from, please don't ask me what to do. Contact the institution or college or university you are attending, and ask them what to do, how to do it, and what their guidelines and deadlines are. They govern themselves, not me. So sorry.

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