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June 03, 2009

Spinning circles

Well, May passed me by really fast. I forgot to make sure I added an entry or two.

Yes, I did visit the Maryland Sheep & Wool Festival. Yes, I did buy few skeins of yarn, and a little roving to spin up.

But best of all was when I pulled out my spinning wheel the weekend after that. I dusted it off, oiled it up, put a new drive band on and....

Spun wool!! Yippee!!

It felt great to be creating yarn from fluff again after who knows how long, maybe a couple of years. I pulled out some green wool I had bought at Dancing Leaf Farm, hmmm, maybe a year or two before I stopped spinning, and stashed away. Well, now it's green yarn, and I'm not sure how much yardage.

Now I have something in pinks and purples on the wheel in a fine single ply, don't remember which wool farm it came from, but it has some silk blended in it, and it kinda glows on the bobbin. Anyone who sees it has to comment on how pretty it is. Sorry, if that's a hint that I knit it into something for you, I'm not hearing it!

And I'm still knitting socks for myself. Just finished a random pair, pulled out another random ball of yarn, and started some in a wild colorway from Online, oranges and pinks with stripes. Can't wait to see how the heel turn looks in those colors.

I'm in the pricing computers stage, so that I can get a new laptop and FINALLY!!! finish THE book. Yep, the sock book that's been haunting me for several months now, with the sample yarns still sitting in my toy bag and taunting me with that nyah nyah nyah that yarn is sooo good at! I promise, as soon as that laptop computer is in my hot little hands, I'm downloading my book writing software, and setting to it! And I'll be transcribing my patterns from messy notes to consise directions, creating neat diagrams, and making sure that anyone can create socks from their own yarn chaos.

Sigh. Yarn chaos. If my work life was based only on yarn, and if only I had a new job, but I am still searching for something to replace Job2. The hours still suck, they've been cut back drastically, so much so that when a co-worker at Job1 asked if I could help her this weekend by working her shift, I jumped at it.

But, I am positive. Positive that there's a job out there, somewhere, and I'll find it and excell at it, and tell Job2 to kiss me bye-bye. At least I still have my stash to dig into, no matter what happens with Job2, so I'm not going to go depression-mode. So much to knit, who can get depressed with happy yarns?

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