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February 11, 2009

Limbo or Taxes?

I'm in temporary Limbo. Yes, like all hardworking Americans, I have to fill out my tax forms, send them in, and wait to see if the IRS and state employees agree with my numbers.

And I'm waiting on something else. Like a confirmation that yes, I have a full-time, permanent job at one of my part-time jobs. The details lie in the paperwork, a corporate office,  and just waiting.

Some days, I work either Job1 or Job2. Sometimes, especiall on a Thursday, I'll work 9am-2pm at Job1, grab a quick lunch, and then work at Job2 until 9pm. Yep, long day. At Job2, I'll work either from early hours until 8 hours have passed, or whatever hours they can schedule me in for, or until my schedule at Job1 starts up.

So, whenever something permanent happens, it'll be with Job2, and I'll keep with Job1 as long as I can or until I figure out how to work my job life.

At least, in the meantime, I can work on some knitting, as in the usual socks, or a throw as a gift for a sister-in-law, or a TomTen sweater for a nephew. And drool over pictures online of new yarns, patterns that someone else has come up with, and dream of endless hours to just fondle fibers, knit, design, and be a woolpig.


At least Job2 has some yarns for me to look at during my work day, even as I listen to the shoppers, what they would really like to buy or see, what they want in yarn but Job2 just doesn't carry, and aren't there any decent yarn stores in the area...and so on. I listen, and write little notes to myself, and remember these things for the day when, yes, I still intend this, open my own yarn store.

For real. Maybe a few more years off than I planned, but I still intend to build an inventory, rent a retail space, advertise, and watch knitting and it's related cousins kick off again in my area. Drool, drool, drool, what an idea!

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