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December 06, 2008

...and Still Laughing, The Universe

The day after I typed the previous entry (now posted!) my laptop computer died.


I need to save up to replace that darned laptop for a couple reasons.

First reason, this blog. Hard to find blogging time if I have to find internet access time at another computer that isn't buried or owned by someone else.

Sorry, I'm just a little peaved at how little free time I have to myself unless I'm half-asleep. And I was getting into the habit of typing partial entries late at night, sleeping, then finishing the rest of the entry the next morning, re-reading it, editing it, and then posting.

Second reason, writing my sock book. I had my laptop set up "just so" and had enough memory, the right software, my roughed out outline, and so on. Phooey! I don't appreciate it croaking like it did, when it did.

Third reason, www.ravelry.com reading and posting. I miss being in the loop of the fiber world, even if I do work at a particular retail chain store (will not name it here and give it free advertising!) that tries to sell yarn as part of it's & crafts area. Pitiful area of yarn, sorry.

Every time I assist a customer with the poor yarn section, I wince. Really. Westminster, Maryland really does need a decent yarn store. A real yarn store too. The & crafts store and local "crafts" store just don't cut it in yarn offerings. And the fact that the big -Mart store has reduced it's yarn section to a wee little section of shelving is scary too.

I love being able to see that there is a real yarn store need, but I hate having to say "I'm sorry" to those poor people who need yarn now and here instead of later or in another section of the county.

Now if only I could get rid of my personal debt (built up during taking lots of computer classes with little reimbursement to pay it off) and find a reasonable rental space, I'd have it made in the shade. As some kids still say, Like, Totally.

Oh, and as far as the bifocals go? Still don't have them yet. I'm now 40 for real, and the headaches are still there, and yes, I take my glasses off periodically to prevent them. But not a good idea, especially since one day I took the glasses off, put them down somewhere, and lost them in the store I was working in for almost 3 hours before a kind customer turned them in...Enough!

Yes, I did my self-testing Doctor, and yes, I need the bifocal prescription please. Or so I'll tell him when my crazy working schedule allows me to call his office and order the prescription. Well, I'll have to visit the eyeglasses part of the office building too, to pick out new frames.

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