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June 16, 2008

Life Changes, I Go On

I had some recent life changes that delayed an entry until now. One major life event, and also my trip (with all the yarn pre-trip anxiety).

My father passed away Sunday, May 18, 2008. He was 72, and went in his sleep. Peaceful. Painless. Best way to go. I'll miss him, and miss him now. My trip departure was delayed for a week, and we had a memorial service on Saturday, May 24, 2008, at my youngest brother's church.

I did go on my planned vacation, just less the river trip component, which I understand from my girlfriends was cold and wet! But as for the rest of the trip, I met with them in Vernal, UT, and we did the rest of our touring and having fun sightseeing.

After I gave them their surprise socks, that is! And were they surprised, each girlfriend getting a pair of socks that I had picked the yarn to go with each personality, which was a perfect match in each case. Sorry, no pictures of those socks, that's one thing this blonde forgot! But I did take pictures of socks-in-progress while traveling, and I can happily report that yes, I did knit a pair of socks during the trip, and finished them too.

Good thing I packed enough yarn for 3 pairs of socks; I finished a pair of socks that I'd started the week before the trip, started a fresh pair on night 2 in Vernal that was finished by Las Vegas. Then I started another pair in the airport, knit most of the first sock on the planes, and then finished the pair last Friday. About another pair in a week, I'd guess on. I still have one ball of sock yarn sitting there, asking when it'll be turned into socks.

Sights seen: Flaming Gorge (day trip, neat geography), McConkie Ranch (day trip, neat petroglyphs), Nine Mile Canyon (loads of petroglyphs!, we drove for about 2 days worth, overnight camping),  Bryce Canyon (overnight camping and great views), and Zion Canyon (overnight stay in a motel and sight seeing the next day), ending in Las Vegas (overnight stay in hotel and then departure from the airport the next morning).

I still have to organize most of my pictures now the memory cards are out of and away from the digital camera. I have to take them away from the camera, or I'll end up adding to the frames on them, or I worry about accidentally deleting views.

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