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May 12, 2008

pre-trip wool anxiety

I'm having a little pre-trip wool anxiety. Do I have enough sock yarn selected for packing? Do I have too much? Do I have the right colors? Will I need to buy more...Hey, that last one gives me a great excuse for looking for a store to visit!

Next week, I'm starting almost three weeks of fun travel. My vacation travel for the summer, probably for the whole summer. Just myself and three good friends, on a trip that will take us on a river trip, camping, traveling, sightseeing, and just hanging out together.

Which means I still have to finish downloading all my knitting/wool/sock/previous pictures from my camera memory cards, bad me!

So, here's hoping I've picked out the right yarn for 3 pairs of socks, with accompanying needles to knit on (2 circulars, 16 inch length) and with the little scissors-and-needle for finishing tucked into my suitcase. And with a sock-in-progress in my carryon bag, besides my usual pretzel goldfish crackers to munch on.

May 03, 2008

Serious wool withdrawal

I am going through some serious wool withdrawal right now. I am typing this entry from work, on a Saturday, and on the first real day <sigh> of the Maryland Sheep and Wool Festival.

My mother's there right now, with my neice K and nephew D, munching on mega-sized muffins, waiting for the rest of the intrepid troop to show up. Which will include a cousin and her mom, my count of 2 cousins that start with A. And 3 good friends, Madame H, her daugher-in-law J (that I went to school with), and her daughter O.

Yep, a home-grown fiber tour, as mom and I laugh about. And I'm missing it. The sheep smells, the noises as the vendors scramble to finish setting up before the official 9am start for sales, but making early sales anyway. The serious wool and yarn customers, looking for the best and earliest buys they can make.

So, last night I handed over my "wish I was there" list to mom last night, and can't wait to see what kinds of surprises she brings home to me.

And what am I doing? Besides wishing I had my hands on yarn/wool/spindles/knitting needles/watching D & K experience their first S&W? Helping finalize and clean up a major system migration at work. The major work is done, now my part comes in, helping make sure things work, so that the end users who get to check the new system next week won't have any major glitches.

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