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September 20, 2007

E. U.

No, not the European Union.

A kitten. His "name" for now is E.U. Pronounced the way the letters are.

As in, the sound he makes when he wants attention (all the time), feeding (all the time) or is just being noisy (most of the time except when he's sleeping or eating).

Teeny, tiny, 4 weeks old male kitten, totally black, chubby fuzzy handful that he is, is the current semi-orphan. Semi, because his mom's still around, just not doing a very good job of being a mom.


The fact that he's reached 4 weeks amazing. At this age, his primary food should be mom's milk, but since she's, well, a slut, he's not getting much there.

He's pretty self-sufficient fo such a wee kitty. I have seen him trying to chew and eat big-cat food (dry stuff) but his teeth are pretty small still. At least he can drink on his own, so at least twice a day I give him dry cat milk. It's stuff you can buy at the pet store as milk replacement, 1 part dry to 2 parts water. Until yesterday, he was drinking about 2 tablespoons, but last night he swallowed about 3 tablespoons. Big round tummy, and fast asleep soon after!

Our ancient cat, B-2 (short for Binka the second), she does occaisionally give him a little extra milk. She's very old, doesn't have kittens any more, but sometimes starts lactating when she feels a need to. This past spring, she "helped" another cat with her five kittens until they were out of the nest. So, now, if he snuggles up, she lets him nurse.

His "name" came from Dad, who heard the little guy mewing outside; he opened the door, looked out, and said, "Hi there, E.U., aren't you supposed to be sleeping?" one night. E.U. did eventually find his spot next to a pinecone under one of the trees and snooze away most of the night.

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