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October 29, 2007


Let's see, what can I ramble on about?

The scarf I was knitting out of the Cherry Tree Hill yarn is finished. Not blocked, yarn ends still hanging out, but finished, and lovely. The recipient is definitely NOT expecting something this lovely. I'll have to find my camera from wherever I stashed it after the ocean weekend to take any pictures.

Another scarf is finished, again yarn ends hanging out, but knitted. A slightly modified Clapotis, knit on a size 8 needle and in worsted weight Dream in Colors yarn Classy from my stash, pinky colors. I'm not sure if it's Cool Fire or Giant Peach, but turned out lovely. Designated as a gift for my tween niece, who is a girly girl.

I am taking a class at UMUC on Saturday mornings, which means I wake up a wee bit earlier than my usual workdays, and drive for 1 and 1/4 hours from Westminster to College Park Maryland. With 2 travel mugs of coffee. Why? So I can accumulate missing credits to finish my incomplete degree in computers. If I'm awake enough, I toss in my school bag a sock to knit while I finish waking up and wait for everyone else to show up and for the class to start at 9am.

The class is about software engineering, and roughly 3 hours in length, which means the rest of the weekend is mine after 12 noon on Saturdays! So, I did what any redblooded knitter does on a Saturday: look for a new (to me) yarn shop. Or a yarn shop that carries yarn suitable for a teenage male (my nephew) sweater that his grandmother wants to knit for him.

Found one, in Mt Airy MD. I had an enjoyable fiber fondling time, and, yes, left with a bagful of yarn. Also found out about another store that recently opened in Eldersburg MD. So, I drove to that one also, and again, left with a bagful of yarn. Yes, I did get the yarn for my nephew's sweater, to the joy of my mother, a soft yarn in a great boyish shad of green that will look great on him.

I also found inside myself a greater renewal of the desire and drive to open my own yarn store, in the Westminster/Finksburg area. So, my goals are: finish computer classes, get rid of college debt, start online store, scout out and plan bricks and mortar store. And keep lots of notes!

October 04, 2007

E.U. is not alone

Yes, E.U. is not alone any more. A day or two after I posted the previous entry, I heard squeaky mewing noises, not unlike kittens.

And yes, it was the sound of more kittens. Two more to be exact! Both gray, and I could tell just by looking that at least one of them was a female. She had the typical swirls of a tortoise-shell cross, and so far in our kittens, only the females have that kind of coloration. All the boys are either solids or tabbies.

The other gray kitten, a boy. And their mom is nursing E.U. as well, so now he has a nice, round, butterball shape. Not to mention playmates that are at least a week or two older; I thought their mom hadn't kept them, boy did she fool me! So I kept giving E.U. extra milk for a few days after I found the extra momma cat and Rapunzel and Rumplestiltskin (hey, they appeared like magic, might as well give them fairytale names!).

Then I went beaching. Ocean City, Maryland, with three girlfriends for the weekend. I put plenty of time in for knitting, and have one sock almost complete. Relaxing, good company, no worries but do we want to walk the beach, sit on the beach, watch a chick flick, go out to eat kind of decisions.

And back home, I'm about two thirds of the way through a scarf. Think Christmas gift, think I'm not naming names yet... Pattern is from Victorian Lace Today, yarn is Cherry Tree Hill Supersock solid (teal). No pictures yet.

But I did discover another kitten yet. E.U.'s mom actually stole another kitten that is the sibling of R. and R. Yes, another he, another black kitten, but I can't get near him. Thank you House Kitty for being a weird cat, ignore your own baby, still another cat's baby. I'll never understand that cat.

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