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January 31, 2012

More Car Waiting

I have more car waiting room time. Yes, more knitting time.

I'm a little torn, if I want to cart my laptop with me. For charting up a design I have rough notes on, writing up cohesive information from those notes, searching for a little inspiration, reading email? Not sure. Maybe just a little knitting and reading. And a little more design playing with a shawl/scarf that I started the last time I was waiting.

I think I'll restart a hat I was working on, because I'm just not happy with the way the start of it looks. Ever have one of those projects where you look at it, try to make yourself accept the way the project looks, and decide it just "won't work that way" or that it needs restarting? Well, it will be restarted.

I might carry some extra yarn and knitting needles for playing with an idea that's been floating around in the back of my mind. Not sure how it will work out yet, so it can't hurt to play with it.

Ah, the bliss of playing with yarn. Wonder why it is so hard for people to understand how satisfying knitting can be. I'll let someone else write that book.

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